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Our monthly pick of apps for tablets

Our monthly pick of apps for tablets

Our monthly pick of apps for tablets

Blux Camera
Free (iOS)
This camera app gives you an ease-of-use alien to other apps of this ilk. So you can adjust the colour warmth right there on the screen even as you compose the frame. Zoom can be adjusted with the right hand. There is a P E A R feature that uses the location data to tell you where you are and the weather for the place. Then you have the more detailed camera settings and tweaks which can also open on to the screen from the right. Along with being a very useful camera app, this also gives an insight into how user interfaces of apps can be a USP in itself.

MinuteTaker (Rs 450)
By madeFM
An ideal app for business users, this lets you create minutes of meetings, invite people and assign someone as the minute taker. The app can make minutes, categorise them into statements, actions etc and assign deadlines if needed. The app gives minutes a very easy interface, that will be simpler than anything you will see in any office. There is also a calendar view.

My Measures & Dimensions (Rs 170)
(Android & iOS)
By SIS software
This app lets you click a picture and mark dimensions on it. This is especially good for people who deal in properties or interior design. For instance, we clicked the picture of the BlackBerry Z10 and marked its dimensions and angles. The app, however, does not measure the dimension on its own like some of the other apps out there.

Evernote Moleskine
Smartbook (Rs 1,160 +
It is rare for a notebook, or anything physical, to be featured in a column on apps. But the Evernote Moleskine Smartbook is, as the name suggests, meant to be used with the Evernote app on a smart mobile device. The notebook presents a unique way to digitise your scribbles and physical notes and to be able to access them online. Well, you can do the same using Evernote and many other apps or just your simple phone camera. Write something on this new Moleskin Smartbook and shoot it with the note camera on Evernote app to save the image to a moleskin folder created in your app. These are high contrast images in which you can see just the notes. Sadly, the app does not have a image to text function that could have let you search the text within note, but it lets you tag the notes and also add smartstickers to sort them. There are other apps that let you scan notes, but with Evernote you can recall them on multiple devices and platforms.

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