Banks that care

Today’s banking customer won't settle for less and has realised that he is The King.

KVS ManianToday’s finicky banking customers will not settle for less and has realised that he is The King. As a rather late entrant to retail banking we have worked towards taking the bank to the customer.

We started with few branches and developed bank accounts that would offer concierge services to account holders.

Our philosophy: the bank branch is for value-added services and for normal banking operations, one can opt of a combination of the Net, phone and mobile banking.

Accountholders want easy access to banking account details on balance, transfers and remittances rather than visiting the branch for every small transaction.

The SMS service comes in handy as customers insists that they be promptly informed of changes in balances and service charges, and they start calling up with customary rage if the bank is slow to redress his grievance.

We have eased the kind of interactivity that phone banking and mobile banking customers have with both push and pull feeds on mobile banking.

While, we managed to keep the accountholder at home for most part, we felt the need to engage the customer in the bank for value-added services. In short, he wants a financial house that will do more than just clear his cheques and update his passbook: he wants a bank that cares. He wants a customer-friendly bank.

KVS Manian, Group Head, Retail Liabilities & Branch Banking, Kotak Bank