Eat your way through Manhattan

Eat your way through Manhattan

Where to go and what to eat in the Big Apple.

Yet again, the city of New York has been crowned a food mecca by the 2013 edition of the Michelin guide. With a total of 66 restaurants winning the coveted michelin stars, and 61 different cuisines on offer, a trip to the city makes for a delicious culinary adventure.

Living up to its reputation as an unrivaled master of diversity, these starred eateries include some known and some not-so-known names, and cover cuisines ranging from Persian, South African and Peruvian to fusion, gastropub and favourites like Italian and Japanese. Seven restaurants (unchanged from the previous year) were bestowed with the ultimate honour of a three-star rating, and described as 'exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.'

One rung below, an additional seven were given two stars for 'excellent cuisine, worth a detour,' of which one is the newly-opened Atera, run by chef Mathew Lightner.

Next in heirarchy, a whopping 52 restaurants were recognised and given single-star rating. Increasing in number from 46 last year, the list included nine new entries in this year's guide. Showing a trend in favour of dishes over decor, Nordic cuisine and a continued Japanese influence, French chef Daniel Boulud's restaurant Daniel was amongst those to receive the top honours. Showcasing a unique twist on traditional French techniques, it offers diners a journey in deliciousness.