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Best PC configuration at around Rs 50,000

Best PC configuration at around Rs 50,000

Please advise me on the configuration of a desktop PC that I intend to purchase with a budget of Rs 50,000.

Q: I have been an avid reader of G&G from the day it was launched. Please advise me on the configuration of a desktop PC that I intend to purchase with a budget of Rs 50,000. I already have a Samsung SA950D 3D monitor purchased from the US as well as the Microsoft Arc keyboard and Arc touch mouse as well as Windows 7 Ultimate edition. So please give me the configuration for a suitable motherboard, processor, RAM and HDD. - Sidhant Aurora, Ambala

G&G: Since you have a liking for top-end accessories, why not buy the Alienware X51 desktop? The prices start around Rs 47,000 for the Intel core i3 version, (Rs 57,000 for i5). Alternatively, you can opt for the Inspiron 660S at Rs 41,000. If you want a Core i7 within your budget take a look at HP Pavilion HPE h9-1186in Phoenix desktop. If you want to put one together, then get a Gigabyte FM2 or ASUS F2A85 motherboard, Intel core i5/i7 or the new AMD A series processor, at least 4GB RAM preferably Kingston Hyperx and a 1 TB HDD from Kingston or WD.

Q: I have purchased an AT&T HTC Inspire 4G/ Desire HD phone from eBay. I have a BSNL 3G connection, but am not able to configure 3G in the device. The signal is always an "E", never a "H" or "3G". When I did some research on the Internet, I found that the set doesn't have the option for selecting the WCDMA or Auto networks. We have a dearth of HTC service centres in my part of the state. Hence I'll be very thankful if you can suggest a solution to my peculiar problem. - Dr Pradeep Thankappan, Kerala

G&G: Handsets of these sort usually come with the problem of being locked to their network; unlocking them can create software issues. It is possible that the network mode option could have been disabled by AT&T. Even if you take the handset to the HTC service centre, they will not be authorised to help you. Instead, you can take it to a local vendor near your area. Or else, you can also try to root the device as it seems to be past its warranty period. Rooting the phone will give you access to all the features and settings on the phone, surpassing the restrictions added by the operator. But when rooting, be a bit careful since you can damage your phone in the process. Do all your research and only then root the phone.

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