HTC One X or Galaxy SIII?

I am planning to buy a smartphone but am confused by the options-Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy SII, Motorola Droid Razr or Droid Razr Maxx, HTC One X. I have a budget of Rs 40,000.

Q: I own a Samsung i8 digital camera which is not charging. Every time I charge the camera, an orange light blinks. I know that the usual light for charging is red. I don't know what the meaning of this orange light blinking is. Please help. - Divay Khurana, on email

G&G: A blinking orange light on your charger is an indication that there is an error in the connection and your camera will not be able to charge effectively. This error can be a result of a fault in the connection to either the camera or the wall outlet, or the battery or cables could be damaged. We think it best that you contact the Samsung customer-care service and have it checked.

Q: I am planning to buy a smartphone but am confused by the options- Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy SII, Motorola Droid Razr or Droid Razr Maxx, HTC One X. I have a budget of Rs 40,000. I need to know the actual price of all phones mentioned above as the shops around here have different rates. And is the Moto Droid Razr Maxx available in India? I heard that mobile phones are cheaper in Singapore and Dubai. Is that right? Will the phones sold there be original? I need a fast, good-looking phone with good hardware. It should last me for at least two years. - Ajay Soman , on email

G&G: Our vote goes to the HTC One X. The second option could be the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Also, it is difficult for us to tell you the exact market price of any device as it varies from one shop to another. Cell phones are usually sold at market operating prices and not the MRPs. So we suggest you hunt around a bit and get the best price. Also ask for the bill. Getting a phone from Dubai or Singapore might cost you a little less, but they don't come with an international warranty. If something goes wrong with the device, you will have to pay to have it repaired in India. Yes, the Maxx is available now.

Q: I would like your help in suggesting a good laptop for under RS 60,000. I am a hardcore gamer and want a laptop with good battery. - Chinmay Mahajan , on email

G&G: Gaming laptops are usually fairly costly. So we suggest you look at laptops that have great graphics. The Dell XPS 14 is a very good laptop for your use. You might need to hike your budget a bit as its tag is over 60k. In case you want an Intel Core i7 option, the price will jump up to Rs 75,000.

Q: According to your listings, HTC One X is at the top and the Samsung Galaxy SIII is at the second rank. All the specs of these phones are almost the same except for a 1.4 Ghz processor in the Galaxy and a 1.5 Ghz in the One X. But the Galaxy has additional features like S Voice, Social Tag, Direct Call, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, S Beam, All Share play, Buddy Photo Share, All Share Cast, Pop Up Play and Best Photo. So why is the Galaxy at the 2nd spot? This 13-year-old boy really supports Samsung. - Harsh Khurana, on email

G&G: Harsh, smartphones are not just about the specs, but also the build, user interface and overall performance. In our opinion the HTC One X has a better build, the HTC Sense UI for Android v4.0 is superb and the overall performance of the phone is better. Also, it is good value for money. No question about the fact that the Galaxy SIII is a superb device and has some fancy features like Direct Call, Smart Stay, S Beam, S Voice, etc. But over two weeks of testing the phone, we found that S Voice doesn't work at all. S beam works only with S3. Direct Call is more a gimmick as I can dial the person I am texting to in a single touch. Why text when I can dial, or vice-versa?

Q: I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy SIII and installed a 32 GB microSD card. But I am not able to move the apps to the SD card. Please help. - Dr Balaji Ramaswamy, Coimbatore

G&G: Usually the simple way of moving apps to the SD card is to go to settings