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Business Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Business Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Business Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Business Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Blessing in Disguise

The cover story on the pharma sector (Intensive Scare, March 16) was well researched and analytical. The US regulator FDA's increased scrutiny of Indian drugs has alerted exporters to the importance of keeping basic facilities at their plants clean and transparent. In fact, it has forced the Indian counterpart DCGI to review provisions relating to quality of drugs, and step up good manufacturing practices. Definitely, it is a challenging job for the Indian drug makers to comply with international standards, because India is the second-largest provider of finished dose products to the US. Hope US vigilance (a blessing in disguise!) will curtail rampant production of spurious drugs in India. - Abhinav P., New Delhi

Success Case Studies

This refers to your excellent coverage of Hottest Young Executives (Prodigies' Progress, March 16), profiling India's 25 best and brightest corporate performers under 40. Kudos to the BT team as well as the selection panellists. The proverb "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" is much in use now as the overall economy is in bad shape and some industries are facing serious challenges and battling for survival. Their focus on what they learnt from their MBA courses, the hurdles they had to cross to come out as winners, the multi-faceted skills they had to acquire, the successes and failures which taught them lessons in management, and home-life balance are some the most valuable tips worth sharing, in the form of case studies, which MBA students to motivate them. - J.S. Broca, New Delhi

Gender Imbalance

The much awaited annual listing of the Hottest Young Executives (March 16) left me feeling inspired, but also a trifle disappointed. Only one woman executive made the cut out of 25? In times like these, when every day brings news of women achievers smashing the glass ceiling, you could have dug deeper while compiling this list. - Vitika Banerjee, Gurgaon

The Managing Editor's response:
Vitika, we are aware of this and make extra efforts every year to ensure we do not miss anyone deserving. It didn't help this time that some on our shortlist like Amrita Padda of Hindustan Unilever did not want to be profiled. Meanwhile, you do follow our annual 'Most Powerful Women in Business' issue, don't you? It's scheduled for autumn this year.


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Published on: Mar 10, 2014, 12:00 AM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, Mar 10, 2014, 12:00 AM IST