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Business Today write in with their feedback

Business Today write in with their feedback

Business Today readers write in with their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the world of business.

Business Today readers write in with their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the world of business -

After reading your special issue on B-schools (Best B-Schools, October 28), I feel this year's survey is sharper, more sound and more comprehensive. But I am astonished by Santosh Desai (Back to Class), saying IIM-A did not open his mind to new modes of thinking. I feel the fault is not with the B-schools but in our system itself. We should encourage free and original thinking from nursery class. Instead of lamenting about "quality in higher education" we should pay attention to elementary education as that forms the basic platform.
Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

In your Editor's letter (Best B-Schools, October 28) you said readers enjoy your magazine and find it informative. As a small investor, I can say your magazine is not informative. You ought to cover at least one industry and two companies in each issue which you do not. You also mention your magazine's world-class journalism and photography. Of course, photographs are necessary, but what was the need to carry such a big photograph of SEBI chief U.K. Sinha covering three quarters of a page, and then use his picture again on page after page? There are more such instances. As a reader I want reading material rather than big photographs.
K.S. Jegannathan, via email

With reference to a Business Today case study on Philips (Faded Glory, Sept 30), Moushumi Dutt, Senior Director - Corporate Communications, Philips Electronics India, writes (edited): "I would like to point out that your case study is not an accurate and balanced representation of Philips business in India which includes Philips Lighting, Philips Healthcare and Philips Consumer Lifestyle. A large portion of our business is in the B2B space through health care and professional lighting, and not all of it consumer or just youthtargeted. Even if we accept that the article is only on our Consumer Lifestyle business, even then it is an incomplete review because the writer has not taken into account our leading categories of domestic appliances and personal care.

Editor's reply:
BT case studies typically take up a real-life corporate development and offer readers the rationale behind the success or failure of a particular company, operation or project. In this instance, we looked at the consumer lifestyle business of Philips. We carefully examined how Philips, once a household name in the consumer electronics business, has become a small player, what went wrong and how the company's attempts to regain its glory just did not materialise. This B2C focus of the case study was made clear to Philips while we were reporting on it. The article does talk about the lighting business - that makes for more than half of Philips India's revenues - and the health-care business but we didn't dwell on it in greater detail.

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Published on: Oct 21, 2012, 11:34 AM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, Oct 21, 2012, 11:34 AM IST