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Business Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage

Business Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage

Business Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Business Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage -


Business Today's survey of business schools (India's Best B-schools, October 27) proves academics in India is well advanced. Gone are the days when most talented young Indians chased degrees from overseas institutions. Nowadays Indian educational institutions, especially B-schools, use the most modern technologies. IIM Ahmedabad is a symbol of excellence and should be duly rewarded by the Central govern- ment. The Central and state governments as well as industry should provide liberal funding to the better institutions for their healthy growth. - Akhilesh Kumar Sah, Faizabad


Your article Why Raghuram Rajan Ranked Gujarat Low (October 27) can be contested. When it comes to sharing of resources, whether among nations or members of a BPL family in India, it is not always the most reasonable voice that is acceptable to all. Let us not expect a different approach from the states, when it comes to the sharing of resources from the Central pool. It is high time to discontinue the "special category" classification, be it for states or people, and move forward to equity in distribution, based on needs at the ground level. We should make efforts to share resources fairly to help states and individuals climb up the ladder of economic develop- ment. Rajan's recommendations should be seen in this perspective. - M.G. Warrier, Mumbai

The feature Race Course Run (October 27) discusses the "battle of the apps" in the 2014 general election. The BJP and its PM candidate are using technology to their best advantage. The NaMo smartphones and the Modi Run game could be attractions for young people. But do they make a psychological impact too? Can the model be used in other areas,  to promote education, business, etc.? - Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram


Your article BlackBerry's White Knight (October 27) told readers a lot about this little-known man Prem Watsa, who is ready to buy the ailing BlackBerry. He seems to have an excellent track record, and questioning his decision may well turn out to be a mistake. - Anil Sonalkar, On e-mail

Your article Nurturing the Nurturers (October 13) was an eye-opener. India needs more "social incubators" to nurture the social innovators, social entrepreneurs, and social enterprises. Besides social incubators, our country should develop an educational policy which creates an ecosystem for developing and creating social innovators and social entrepreneurs. Only a few institutions have taken the lead in this direction. - H.C. Chaudhary, On e-mail


1) Insurance industry needs sustainable, profitable model: Chanda Kochhar
>> Insurance companies settle claims only when they cannot find reasons to deny the claim! - Rakesh Kumar

2) India's not producing enough managers for rural sector
>> Rural sector has always been neglected. And it is a glaring oversight by those in power. I wish the situation would improve now. - Laila Agarwal

3) RIL Quarter 2 net is up 1.5 per cent, and the turnover tops Rs 1 lakh crore
>> But Ambani should learn how to do charity like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. - Priyanka Jain 

Published on: Oct 21, 2013, 12:00 AM IST
Posted by: AtMigration, Oct 21, 2013, 12:00 AM IST