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Business Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage

Business Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage

Future Safety?

This refers to your cover story on Future Group (The Rebirth of Kishore Biyani, June 7). Thanks to the Business Today team for bringing out a well analytical story. Mere recasting the strategy won't take the group to the top as competition intensifies from other retailers. Moreover, the meteoric rise of e-tailers has posed an enormous threat to the brick-and-mortar retail business. And in this cut-throat competition between the e-tail and traditional retailers, whether Biyani's strategy is enough to outsmart rivals, only time will tell. - Abhinav P., New Delhi

TOMS Strategy

This refers to your case study on TOMS shoes (A Shoe for a Shoe, and a Smile, June 7). From my experience, it is amply clear that a company normally sells it for almost double the price. Hence, TOMS's "one for one" strategy is not a losing proposition at all since the company is still making some profit. So when TOMS sells a pair of shoes, it can afford to give a new pair of shoes to an impoverished child, and when TOMS sells a pair of eyewear, it can still afford using a part of the profit to save or restore the eyesight for people in the developing countries. It is reported that as of 2012, TOMS has given away over one million pairs of shoes in 40 countries. All said and done, Blake Mycoskie's company has deservedly won many awards. Kudos! - J.S. Broca, New Delhi

Callous Attitude

This refers to your feature on child labour (Invisible Hands, June 7). The callous attitude of the Indian society is obviously betrayed in exploiting the children, who constitute 39 per cent of the population. The constitutional guarantees on various platforms, like prohibition of child labour; compulsory education up to 14 years, including the right to education; social development initiatives; and Indian ratification of related Articles of different UN bodies, including the ILO, remain only on paper. For instance, the children who are furling the beedi leaves in Tirunelveli, make crackers in Sivakasi or spin hosiery in Tirupur are robbed of their normal life. Let us build a strong nation of vibrant people and leave a wonderful legacy to these children. - B.Rajasekaran, Bangalore

Provide Free Schooling

We cannot stop child labour unless we provide free schooling. The government should provide free education to all children up to Class 10. - A.M. Dayal, Hyderabad


"Maggi controversy shows Indian consumers are taken for granted." - Carmakers are also taking customers for a jolly ride - they sell models without basic safety features and don't pass crash norms. Virendra, @viren56002

"Make in India should not entirely focus on global market, says RBI chief Rajan." - Valuable idea. Except for new technology, existing products won't be marketed inside India as built-in protection! Sivaraman Srikantan, @sivaramyes

"Adani's Australian coal mine project faces new legal hurdle." - Prime Minister Modi can save him in India, but who will listen to him in Australia? Arnab Gswami, @Arnabgswami

Published on: Jun 03, 2015, 3:50 PM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, Jun 03, 2015, 3:50 PM IST