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Business Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage

Business Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Who Will Win the Battle Royale?

This refers to your cover story on e-commerce business (Fight to the Finish, May 24). Your team's prophecy - in the long run each market segment will have only one winner - seems to be like the replay of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. The phrase "survival of the fittest" had originated from this theory, describing the mechanism of natural selection. In the e-commerce business, a "fit" venture obviously refers to the one that has best adapted to the current environment, of not only satisfying the customers but also delighting them so that they continue to be loyal supporters and contribute towards growing the venture's brand equity, too. It will be more interesting to see which way the business pie crumbles, who wins the battle royale, and who occupies the proverbial "kursi" ultimately. - J.S. Broca, New Delhi

Modi Must Fulfil His Promises

This refers to the feature on economy (Candidate Modi vs PM Modi, May 24). Modi's ministerial colleagues dissipate their energy in political peroration and needless religious bigotry. They are yet to cohesively translate the PM's good intentions by working with the Opposition to take the economy on a growth trajectory and improving the livelihood and social conditions of the citizens. The promises in the hustings by candidate Modi must be fulfilled by PM Modi as he has the mandate of the people. - B.Rajasekaran, Bangalore

Wishing Modi for the Tough Task

This refers to your cover story on solar energy (The 100 GW Headache, May 10). It is a big task to achieve in seven years. US President Barack Obama says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is India's reformer-in-chief and his grand plan to achieve India's true economic potential should be appreciated. Let's wish him for the tough task of meeting the solar energy targets. - Kattamuri Mahesh, Surat

Need More Hotels to Boost Tourism

This refers to the case study on China Lodging Group. To increase tourism in India, we need more three- and four-star hotels with room rents between `2,000 and `5,000. Tourist destinations such as Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, Bangalore, and Varanasi should also have Hop-on, Hop-off buses that would allow tourists to explore the cities on a budget and without much help from the locals. - A.M. Dayal, Hyderabad

On (@bt_india)

- No effective steps have been taken to bring back black money: Ram Jethmalani to Supreme Court.

@narendramodi must give priority to professionals like Ram Jethmalani and Subramanian Swamy to bring back black money. - Shivaji Arya, @ShivajiArya

- Smart cities can create $30-40 billion business opportunity in India, says Nasscom.

Smart cities must have smart and decent crematoriums.- Swaroop Karcherla, @kvswar

- Modi government's reforms to propel Sensex to 33,000 by December 2015?

Can anyone explain these sudden fluctuations during last 10 days? How much wealth gone? - Abhishek, @abhishek1122

Published on: May 20, 2015, 1:33 PM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, May 20, 2015, 1:33 PM IST