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Readers' forum

Readers' forum

Here is what our readers have to say on our stories.

Betting on India
The New GE Way (BT cover, October 31) makes a powerful and convincing case for India's market potential and the opportunities it presents to global conglomerates such as GE for stitching up business ventures with local partners. As India looks set for rapid and accelerated growth in the years ahead, more and more multinationals are betting on their fortunes in India and planning to increase their presence here.
-B. Rajasekaran, Bangalore

A pioneer indeed
No foreign company has played a bigger or a more stellar role than GE in making multinationals see the merits of making deep commitments in a developing market like India. Over the years, GE has made significant investments in developing new products designed to meet specific Indian needs. GE businesses are helping India in many areas of infrastructure development, health care, transportation, aviation, clean water and energy and financial services today.
-Neeraj Thakur, Pune

One good turn deserves another
Companies such as GE, which excel in areas like infrastructure and technology, are helping India grow into a manufacturing hub. The government should extend tax incentives to firms boosting our manufacturing capabilities.
-V. Mathur, Chennai

Bell the cat
Kudos for your story on sexual harassment at the workplace (Corporate Apartheid, BT cover, October 17). I hope the article serves to open our eyes to this burning issue. Sexual harassment infringes the fundamental rights of a woman and her right to live and work with dignity. Although there is no specific law against sexual harassment at the workplace in India, there exists several legal provisions under various sections of the IPC. Still, we betray an ostrich-like approach to this problem and deny its existence. Simply defining and redefining sexual harassment will not help to fight this malaise. Taking deterrent action - promptly and swiftly - against perpetrators is the need of the hour. We should bell the cat of sexual harassment at the workplace if we want this gender iniquity to go.
-J.S. Broca, Delhi