Beyond Two Souls

Some sequences and gameplay in Beyond Two Souls are engaging, but you are left longing for more.
Siddhartha Sharma | Print Edition: December 2013

Beyond Two Souls
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Beyond Two Souls is a movie not a game. I say this because there is nothing much that you do in the game. Sure, some sequences and gameplay are engaging, but you are left longing for more. There is always a feeling of emptiness after you are finished with a sequence.

The graphics are no doubt superb and up to modern console game standards, and sure you will enjoy all the cut scenes and interpersonal relationships that every characters shares. But I would have rather watched an animation movie than play this game. Spending close to 10 hours on Beyond Two Souls was something of a pain, especially for the last two hours. Elllen Page has done a fantastic job though, while lending her voice to Jodie Homes and Willem Dafoe is Willem Dafoe, I have never hated the man after I saw him play Green Goblin in Spiderman.

But apart from these two brilliant actors there is nothing to look forward to in Beyond Two Souls. The story is same old wham bam strategy, CIA stuff, nothing imaginative. Jodie Has superpowers and well Cole Freeman is nothing like Morgan Freeman (pun intended). The story moves in a non-linear narrative and by the end you are left with a feeling ofthat's it? Beyond Two Souls is not even PS Move compatible. Quantic Dreams have a reputation of plugging in some nudity for kicks to gamers, even that wasn't there because Ellen Page apparently said NO.

I say good she did because that could have also not saved this disaster from happening. I would strongly suggest stay away from this game. It's a good potential game gone wrong, Quantic Dreams have done some really good work in the past but with Beyond Two Souls it was like they had nothing to do, so someone in their office sent out a memo. OK LETS MAKE BEYOND TWO SOULS.

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