Slim And Slender

Arup Das        Print Edition: April 2013

Price: Rs 18,990
Rating: 4.5/5

Okay, I know you are thrilled by the all-social PlayStation 4 , but there is also a new super slim version of PS 3 in the market. While the new entrant has taken some of its sheen off, this third edition is easily the most compact Sony console and features a sliding disk cover, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, an HDMI Out and 1080p output. It now comes with 250GB and 500GB (in white, red and blue) hard disk drive storage and a budget option with just a 12GB flash memory.

Sony has not only made the new PS3 anorexic, but also replaced the hard jagged edges with curves - it is 20 per cent smaller in size and 25 per cent lighter than the previous PS3. You can open the disc drive manually by sliding the cover or just by pressing the eject button, but manually closing the cover seems like a step back from auto-loading disc trays. Though Sony recommends you to place the console vertically, the new tray design makes this tough. Being a top loading model, more space is required to remove the disc making us miss the auto-loading disc tray. Frankly, the build quality is not something to rave about.

When it comes to jawdropping graphics, the PS3 is still the king. The difference lies in the fact that Sony made the PlayStation 3's 3.2GHz Cell processor from scratch. This PS3's cell processor is so advanced that it gives game makers options to play with the wide range of effects which redefine graphics. Currently, only a slight edge is given to PS3 over its competition in terms of visuals, but this is only so because the developers are yet to learn to take full advantage of Sony's processing power to deliver a mindboggling effect.

This PS3 too will continue to be a total media hub. While bringing in Blu-Ray, the console also doubles up as your data storage for photos and plays all formats of music. There is the unique "photo album" view feature that displays almost all image formats across the screen. It comes with a basic slide-show mode where you can advance your slides forward. Then there is the Playstation Network which allows you to go online and download games or play multi-player games with friends.

The new PS3 is for a new buyer in the gaming world rather than for a current Sony console owner who is looking for an upgrade. But we feel this one doesn't have much shelf life with PS4's India entry just round the corner. But then for those on a budget, PS3 could be the best bet.

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