Rarest of the Rare

The limited edition gorgeous gadgets that can complement the luxurious lifestyle

Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Phantom - Price: CHF 72,500 Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Phantom - Price: CHF 72,500

Frances Devialet, which is revolutionising high-definition audio with oval speakers, has joined hands with legendary watchmaker Ulysse Nardin to create a limited edition of 85 Striking watches, which they describe as enhanced audible experience worn on the wrist. The watch rings on hour and half-hour on command and not only allows a person to see the time but also hear it. Devialet engineers have redefined each step in the chain of audio signals sent from Ulysse Nardins mechanisms to deliver the best-ever performance on a striking watch, 85 dB to 100mm. The fully polished 43 mm titanium case amplifies the sound and extends its resonance to 85 decibels.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Warrior Imperator

Price: $46,640

For its fans, Apple products have always been iconic. Now, Caviar, the Russian maker of exclusive high-end accessories, has added a heavenly touch by adding a celestial body's fragment in iPhone's latest models. The 19 Space Odyssey Mars pieces, for example, will have a piece of a meteorite from Mars added to its design. The other options are pieces from Moon and Mercury.

But top of the line is the Warrior series. The Warrior Imperator is inspired by Roman Emperor Constantine. It has a piece of the original pilum, the main weapon during Constantine's reign, black marble with white veins, red calfskin and engravings with insets made of fine gold. It's a limited edition with just seven units, in sync with the Seven Hills of Rome. The 128GB Warrior Imperator comes for $46,640a piece. There is a pure gold version at $41,230. The Space Odyssey is at $6,260.

LEICA M10-P "White"

Price: Euro 12,750

LEICA, the German camera maker known for its craftsmanship, has been coming up with limited edition models since as far back as 1975. Its latest, the M10-P "White", re-imagines its iconic rangefinder camera's classic design and accessories. The visually appealing piece - limited to 350 sets worldwide - combines the top-of-the-range LEICA M mount with one of LEICAS most remarkable M lenses. The classic red LEICA dot is positioned on the camera's front panel, the top and base plates feature a white lacquer finish, while the trim is made of white-tanned leather. The camera's viewfinder frames are also displayed in white and the set combines a silver-chrome lens body with white-inlaid engravings. A white lens quiver and matching carrier strap complete the striking ensemble. If you are a fan of Andy Summers, LEICA has come up with 50 sets with Monochrome "Signature" by the legendary guitarist too.

Porsche Design 911 Soundbar Limited Edition Speaker

Price: $4,250

With just 911 pieces in the making, Porsche 911 Soundbar Black Edition - Limited Edition, is a perfect combination of engineering and design.

First released in stainless steel, the speaker takes the original rear silencer and tailpipe cover of the Porsche 911 GT3 and fits it with a subwoofer Helmholtz resonator extension. With design in matt black and shiny black elements, it offers an undistorted sound of a 4.0-litre horizontally opposed naturally aspirated engine. This 200 watt, 2.1 virtual surround system offers wireless, loss-free audio via aptX technology, features Dolby Digital decoder, DTS TruSurround virtual surround signal processing, an LED display, lip-sync function for exact speech synchronisation and is accompanied with remote control.

Truly Exquisite Platinum Disk PS5

Price: Euro 8,299

UK-based Truly Exquisite, a luxury electronic customising brand, is crafting 250 units of the new PS5 console in Platinum. This would include a PS5 Console, two Dual-sense Controllers, and one Pulse Headset. The PS5 will be presented in a luxury wooden display box. Priced at Euro 8,299, limited units are available for Euro 8,199 too. Or you can choose from 24k gold or 18k rose gold finish. The gold model is plated in 24K gold, while the rose gold variant has 18K gold.