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NFC isn't a farfetched dream any longer. With a handful of NFC-enabled smartphones already available in the market and a lot many companies working towards building an ecosystem, we will soon witness action in this space. But you will be able to enjoy and experience NFC only if you have an NFC-enabled device. So if you are planning to upgrade your handset, why not consider one that is future ready?

Samsung Nexus S
The first Android smartphone to support NFC was the Nexus S, developed jointly by Google and Samsung. The phone had NFC support embedded in the hardware and software. Since Google devices are not officially launched in India, Samsung branded it as Samsung Nexus S for its launch last year. Although discontinued by the company, some units are still available.
Price: Rs 19,990

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Yet to be launched in India, this is once again a Google-Samsung joint venture. Running the latest Android OS , the Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Nexus is also NFC enabled. The company is also talking of Android Beam, which allows two NFC enabled Android phones to share contacts, web pages, YouTube videos, directions and applications by tapping.
Price: YTA

Nokia 701
Incorporating NFC technology with the Symbian Belle operating system, Nokia has brought in a couple of NFC-enabled smartphones. The Nokia 701 has a 3.5" capacitive display. Powered by 1GHz processor in combination with 512MB RAM, it comes with an onboard

Nokia 701
storage of 8GB expandable up to 32 GB. The new version of the OS makes it look different from its predecessor, with the notification bar at the top.
Price: Rs 18,999

Nokia Play 360

While the others are restricting themselves to just handsets, Nokia is coming up with NFC-enabled accessories as well. The Play 360 is a good looking speaker that can be instantly connected with an NFC-enabled phone by a simple tap. Bluetooth enabled, it can also be connected using a 3.5mm pin. Interestingly, if the two Play 360 are kept in close proximity, they are paired together turning one into right and second in the left speaker.
Price: NA

Nokia 700
If you are a big Nokia fan and don't really like the looks of the Nokia 701, you have the luxury of an additional option. The second smartphone running Symbian Belle is the Nokia 700, but it comes with relatively downscaled specifications. It has a 3.2-inch capacitive touch display along with a limited 2GB onboard storage. The processing power remains the same with the 1GHz processor.
Price: Rs 18,099

BlackBerry Bold 9900
Undoubtedly, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the best looking offering from RIM. The broad built with the metallic rim running around the corners gel amazing well. Along with the touch interface, it has the world's best physical keypad that makes typing a breeze. Being the first BlackBerry device on BB OS 7.0, it was the first NFC-enabled phone from the company and is amongst the world's first SIM-based smartphones to receive Mastercard PayPass handset certification.
Price: Rs 32,490

BlackBerry Bold 9790
One BlackBerry device that is worthy of all praises after the Bold 9900 is the Bold 9790. Although it has the traditional BlackBerry looks, the curved shape of the corner keys melting into the metal bezel looks good. Once again a great combination of touch with
 BlackBerry Curve 9380
physical keys, even this one packs in everything- from smartphone to multimedia features.
Price: Rs 27,490

BlackBerry Curve 9380
With all touch phones in demand; even BlackBerry has a few offerings in the market. A member of the Curve series, the 9380 doesn't have a physical keypad. Therefore, the display size has been increased to 3.2-inch display. Easy to navigate around, after using the best touch phones (Apple iPhone), you might take some time getting used to the QWERTY keypad on this device. And at 98 grams, this NFC-enabled phone is really easy to carry around.

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