Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby

Tamanna Varma found her while taking a stroll.Being a young woman in the domain of finance she  had to walk the extra mile to prove her worth.

Call it a moment of realisation. An evening walk in Vienna ... and suddenly I knew that I wanted to start out on my own. Weeks of confusion and deliberation melted away on the strength of that conviction. The decision of becoming a financial consultant was an extension of my work experience. My first job was with Birla Sunlife, where I worked in all sorts of capacities: looking after back office, retail, customer service to sales and marketing. I not only understood but
also liked the world of personal finance.

Back in India, my decision met with scepticism. But my parents stood by my decision. While I was working, I invested a small amount in SIPs every month. Much of that money was spent on the trip to Austria. So I started doing a part-time job with a friend in the garment sector. The pay helped me buy stationery, printer and other office paraphernalia.

My first clients were people whom I knew since the time I started working. From then on it was goodwill that worked. Today I manage the portfolios of 40-odd high net worth individuals. Since it is a one-man show, it entails a lot of hard work. But to confess, I always wanted it that way. Vinayaka Investments is my baby.

Also, I have a unique relation with my clients. Any day I will be out for coffee with them and not talk business at all. I think the personal touch is the USP of my work.

Being a young woman in the domain of finance and without the almost mandatory CA or MBA degree to my credit, I had to walk the extra mile to prove my worth. But today I feel everything was worth the while.

If I compare my life when I was working and now, I find myself more satisfied with a lot more time to pursue other interests such as yoga, swimming, piano and pets. The one thing that I know is that I want to retire by 40!

As told to Kamya Jaiswal