Adventure Calling

Adventure Calling

Ronak Sheth, Co-founder, Opium Eyewear

Photograph by Mandar Deodhar Photograph by Mandar Deodhar

Ronak Sheth, Co-founder, Opium Eyewear, was a typical Gujarati food-loving person, till his early 40s. Then, life turned, as he changed his sedentary lifestyle. At 44, he bought a bicycle and started cycling daily. “Being overprotective, my parents never got me a cycle during my school days. I bought my life’s first cycle at the age of 44 years, around five years ago,” says Sheth. He recently cycled from Mumbai to Goa with five friends. “We would cycle around 100 km every day, taking three-four stops for meals. We covered the distance in six days,” he says.

After Goan beaches, mountains were not far behind. Sheth went trekking to the Everest base camp. “It was my first trekking experience ever. Trekking makes you introspect. Standing about 19,000 feet above the sea level gives you a different feel altogether,” he says.

Sheth is now training for a marathon. “I could not have imagined running even 100 metres, but I can now do 10 km in a day,” he says.

Next on the list is scuba-diving. “Acquiring new skills at this age feels great. Such adventures have helped me make many friends across fields and countries.”