Reading to Lead

Reading to Lead

Kanika Agarrwal, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Upside AI

Photograph by Mandar Deodhar Photograph by Mandar Deodhar

Upside AI Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer Kanika Agarrwal has always been a voracious reader. “The interest came organically to me. I used to read fiction, especially the likes of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I was also a Secret Seven girl. Now, it’s a much broader range.”

One is not enough. Kanika devours three books at a time. One among them is always a light read. “At present, my light read is a fantasy fiction based on a Chicago-based detective. The other two books that I am reading are India After Gandhi and Noise by Daniel Kahneman. The former is the history of India after Independence, while talks about how individuals make exactly different decisions in a similar scenario.”

Her reading media, just like her reading list, are diversified, too. She prefers hard-cover for non-fiction and Kindle for fiction. She is comfortable with audio books too. “I listen to books or podcasts when I am walking. This is how I read Barack Obama’s autobiography and a couple of books by PG Wodehouse.”

One book that she swears by is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley that was published in 1932. “It is relevant even today. It talks about information overload.”

In spite of her busy schedule, she makes sure she reads for at least an hour before going to bed. “Weekends are mostly about reading,” she says.