Shah’s Racing Dreams

Shah’s Racing Dreams

Siddharth Shah, co-founder of PharmEasy

Photograph by Mandar Deodhar Photograph by Mandar Deodhar

Siddharth Shah loves speed. Shah, a two-time national go-karting champion at the school level, is a big Formula 1 (F1) fan and dreams of becoming an F1 driver one day. While racing may be his passion, the 32-year-old is known for something very different. The computer engineer and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad — co-founder of healthtech unicorn PharmEasy — led the acquisition of well-established diagnostics firm Thyrocare recently.

Shah is thankful to his mother, a doctor, for his go-karting triumphs. Despite her busy schedule, she took time out to take him to go-karting tournaments in many cities when he was in school. And he dreamt of becoming a racer then. But college, and life, had other plans. In college, his priorities changed and he wanted to become an entrepreneur. Now that he has achieved that, he wants to fulfil his childhood dream.

But Shah is pragmatic enough to accept that he may not become an F1 driver any more. But that doesn’t stop him from dreaming about F1. If not buying an F1 team, he would at least like to be a partner in one of them, he says. If all goes well with PharmEasy, he could be on his way to fulfilling that dream.