The Kitchen King

The Kitchen King

Harkirat Singh, MD of Aero Club

Photograph by Yasir Iqbal Photograph by Yasir Iqbal

The Kitchen is the hub of the Singh household. “It’s where we talk, play games and, of course, eat meals together. To me, cooking for my family is about sharing traditions, building bonds, and making memories,” says Harkirat Singh, MD of Aero Club, which makes Woodland shoes.

His interest developed as he grew up relishing a variety of cuisines by his mother. “I learnt to make the Italian dishes that I like the most such as penne alfredo pasta and lasagna.”

Now, with an excellent cook and a foodie in his wife, the duo enjoys experimenting with dishes.

Most of Singh’s holidays are spent cooking for his family and loved ones. “Any festive occasion deserves at least one of my special dishes.” He can whip up a mean pan-fried salmon with watercress sauce — a family favourite.

A lot about cooking has to do with family for Singh. He fondly recalls the time he and his sister set out to make cookies as children and instead ended up in a cookie dough fight!

But he’s also learnt a few life lessons. “It helps you lead a disciplined life. You learn how patient and calm you have to be to make a dish so good that it brings smiles to you and others.”

Of course, there are entrepreneurship lessons, too. “It’s just like curating and developing a business idea to churn out revenues and making it a success story.”