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Exercise the home option

Exercise the home option

If you are short on time but big on fitness, build a personal gym in your house. We tell you how to get started.

How we wish running from home to office was all the exercise we’d ever need. Unfortunately, it isn’t, given our sedentary jobs and fondness for junk food, which help pile on the calories. If you want to be healthy and have a toned physique, you need to follow a more disciplined exercise regimen.

Most fitness experts affirm that walking or jogging regularly for half-an-hour is a good way to stay fit. You can buy a pedometer, which costs upwards of Rs 500, to help you keep track of the steps you take and the calories you burn. But what do you do when the weather is scorching or it’s raining buckets? Besides, with such a hectic lifestyle, how do you find the time to visit your neighbourhood gym? The solution is to build your own gym. Making a home gym doesn’t mean you have to bleed your wallet dry. Here’s how you can get the right equipment for your budget.

Budget: Less than Rs 5,000
Equipment: Jump rope, dumbbells, gym ball, resistance bands, yoga mat, aerobic stepper, punching bag.

The first thing to do is to earmark space in your home and install a full-length mirror to ensure correct posture while exercising. Get the flooring matted, which is necessary if you plan to work with weights. If you can’t do this, buy yoga mats, which are available for Rs 350-750. You could also buy a skipping rope. Don’t worry if you forget to count as most jump ropes have a digital counter and some also have calorie counters. Another inexpensive option is a stability ball, which helps tone your abdominal muscles. You can also opt for a punching bag, which is great for boxing and building upper body muscles. Resistance or elasticated bands are used for strength training.

Budget: Rs 5,000—20,000
Equipment: Exercise bike, manual treadmill, rowing machine.

Once you have the basic set-up, see if you can create space to install a stationary bike. This is one of the best cardio equipment and you can buy a manual bike for about Rs 5,000; a motorised one is available for Rs 12,000 onwards. There are two options in each type—upright and recumbent. An upright bike is similar to a regular bicycle, while a recumbent one comes with a back rest. “Both types of bikes concentrate on the same muscles but people who have back problems or are obese find the recumbent bike easier to use. The upright bike is a better option for those who have knee problems,” says Vesna Pericevic-Jacob, a Delhibased fitness trainer.

Cost of Fitness
JUMP ROPE: Rs 140 onwards
CHROME DUMBBELLS 1 KG : Rs 250; 5 KG): Rs 1,100
STABILITY BALL: Rs 400 onwards
RESISTANCE BANDS: Rs 450 onwards
AEROBIC STEPPER: Rs 1,299 onwards
MANUAL TREADMILL: Rs 6,500 onwards
ROWING MACHINE: Rs 8,500 onwards

Within this price range, you could also get a rowing machine, a manual treadmill or a manual crosstrainer. There are also manual machines that combine three-five pieces of equipment in one. For instance, the LifeLine 4-in-1 treadmill has an attached stepper, twister and push-up bars and costs Rs 11,700.

Budget: Rs 20,000—50,000
Equipment: Motorised treadmill, motorised crosstrainer.

If you are willing to spend more, you can upgrade your gym to include a motorised treadmill or crosstrainer. Treadmills cost between Rs 25,000 and Rs 7.5 lakh, depending on the features. For instance, a motorised treadmill with a manual incline will come for Rs 28,000, while one with an auto incline will come for Rs 40,000. Check that the equipment has an LCD display to keep you informed about the time, distance, heart rate and calories burnt. It should also have target programmes and different resistance levels to bring variety to your fitness regimen.

“The biggest problem with working in a home gym is that most people get bored easily. So, a good investment is a TV, DVD player and music system. Pick up some good exercise DVDs that will help lend variety to your workouts and keep you motivated,” says Paul Britto, Mumbai-based personal trainer. Fitness videos are available for all exercise forms, from yoga and Pilates to Tai Chi, and cost Rs 250-500.

If you are keen to get a total body workout by using a single equipment, an elliptical or crosstrainer is a good option. The Grandslam crosstrainer is available for Rs 24,990, while the Reebok Crosstrainer C5.7e costs Rs 45,400.

Budget: Above Rs 50,000
Equipment: Multi-station home gym

If you have an area of about 8 ft by 10 ft, as well as a hefty purse, get a full gym. These gyms have multiple stations, which help exercise all body parts and are the best option if you want to alternate between cardio exercises and strength training. The Bowflex Sport Home Gym costs Rs 63,999, while the Extreme variant comes for Rs 69,999. It has a lat tower with an angled lat bar, leg attachments, three-position lower pulley/squat station, abdominal crunch shoulder harness, and will help you perform over 65 exercises.

When it comes to fitness equipment, there are ample options to suit your budget, so Britto advises, “The best way to buy an equipment is to try it beforehand and see how comfortable you are.” Then go ahead and exercise your discretion.

Published on: Nov 04, 2009, 6:33 PM IST
Posted by: AtMigration, Nov 04, 2009, 6:33 PM IST