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To buy or not to buy

To buy or not to buy

In this series we review new products and services to help you sort the best buys from those that do not offer value for money.

In this series we review new products and services to help you sort the best buys from those that do not offer value for money.

Product: Motorola ZN300
Price: Rs 7,990
GOOD DEAL: The phone is the best buy in this price range because it offers a 3.1 megapixel camera and a decent music player at a price point that is much lower than the other leading brands. Most phones with similar functions typically cost Rs 11,000-13,000 at launch.

Product: iPod Nano 5th Generation
Price: Rs 11,200 (16GB)
GOOD DEAL: What’s not to like about an MP3 player that packs a video camera, pedometer, FM radio and a voice recorder in its 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24-inch frame? The latest iPod also offers a Live Pause feature that lets you record from the current FM channels.

Product: Yamaha V-MAX 2009
Price: Rs 20 lakh
GOOD DEAL: Powered by a 1,679 cc, four-cylinder V4 engine, it’s the most powerful superbike available in the country. It’s also among the fastest bikes in the world, offering a top speed of 220 km per hour. Running with bore/stroke dimensions of 90x66 mm (compared to 76x66 mm for the earlier model) and featuring a compression ratio of 11.3:1, this new bike develops 147.2 kW (200 PS) at 9,000 rpm. Yes, its price tag is cause for a pause, but sex appeal doesn’t come cheap anymore.

Product: Windows Mobile 6.5
Price: Depends on the phone
BAD DEAL: This only new thing in this version is the interface, which includes the Today screen and Windows Marketplace. But when you can access the same using the older version, there is no reason to upgrade. Also, not all phones on the 6.1 version are upgradable.

Product: Bose SoundDock 10
Price: Rs 40,388
BAD DEAL: It must be said at the outset that there is nothing wrong with the latest avatar of the iconic SoundDock. In fact, audio aficionados with deep pockets will be hard pressed to find better speakers in the market. However, it doesn’t really offer value for money, given that it costs a whopping Rs 22,500 more than the SoundDock Series II, but does not offer too many additional features.

Product: Nikon D300s
Price: Rs 1.09 lakh
BAD DEAL: Does it make sense to pay Rs 10,000 more for a 720p video in a digital SLR camera? If still photography is on the agenda, go for the older model, the D300. Not only does it pack almost all the features that this upgrade does, it also keeps your wallet happy.

Facility: Use reward points to pay outstanding credit card balance
Cost: 1 reward point=75 paise-Re 1
BAD DEAL: Offered by the likes of ICICI Bank, Citibank and Deutsche Bank, this facility is limited to platinum cards. However, it is a waste of accumulated reward points, especially for frequent fliers. Given that most cards also offer 1-2.5 air miles for one reward point, who would want to give up the chance to earn free flight tickets over time?

Published on: Nov 04, 2009, 10:49 PM IST
Posted by: AtMigration, Nov 04, 2009, 10:49 PM IST