'As financial year is ending, please write more about taxes'

'As financial year is ending, please write more about taxes'

We will be coming out with a special issue on tax soon. So keep an eye out for our taxation issue. You may also find the tax calculator on our Website useful.

The story on stocks that have seen a price rise during the stock market crash (Bucking the Downtrend) was an eye-opener. It was surprising to know that such stocks exist! The unfortunate part is that it is difficult to predict which stock is 'safe' to invest in. Please publish more such stories that can bring hope to investors like me during these bleak times.

— Harbans Singh, Patiala

It is indeed difficult to predict how the price of a stock will move. However, if you keep yourself well-informed and updated about the company's quarterly earnings, the strength of its order book, future mergers and acquisitions, etc, it will help you to estimate the rise in the price of a stock. Also, if you want to invest 'safely', you could consider defensive sectors such as the FMCG. But remember, the benefits of equity investing are best reaped over the long term.

The story on travel accessories (Top 10 Travel Aids) was interesting. However, it would have been more informative if you had mentioned where these items are available. Some accessories such as the Sony headphones are easy to track, but not the others like the neck cushion and the luggage locator.

— Heeramani, Vadodara

Most of these items are available at online shopping sites or in shops which specialise in travel products. You can also visit the custom goods shops in your area, which usually stock such items.

Thank you for all the mathematical formulas that you had provided in the tear-out section (Formulas for Success). But could you explain some of these formulas in greater detail and provide more examples such as the internal rate of return? Also, now that the financial year is ending, it will be good if you could provide some tax calculators.

— Avinash Singhal, e-mail

We are glad that you found the formulas helpful. We will try to provide detailed information about some of them. You may find the tax calculator on our Website useful. We will also be coming out with a special issue on tax. So keep an eye out for our forthcoming issues.

I am an avid reader of your magazine. But, unfortunately, your subscription offer is not very tempting. The books that are being offered as free gifts are not too interesting. Moreover, the discount for the annual subscription of Money Today is just 10%. Such offers don't provide much incentive for readers to subscribe to the magazine. In contrast, the offers for some of your sister publications are very good. Please look into the matter.

— Sandeep Kumar, Amritsar

We have forwarded your suggestions to the relevant department. But we hope that more than the free gifts, it is the content and structure of the magazine that prompt you to subscribe to Money Today.

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