Money Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

The cover story of July 2014 issue (Claiming insurance money) will go a long way in dispelling the myths that surround insurance claims. Having worked in the insurance sector for about a decade, I can say that the claims process has become easier in the recent years. The number of players in this sector has risen and the only way to attract customers is to promise a smooth claims process. Providing the correct information is the most conveninent way of ensuring that the claims are met in time. This story will be of great help in that regard as it explains the subject, and the process, in an extremely simple manner. - VINAY MALHOTRA, Delhi

The story on HRA (Home Truths, July 2014) provided an interesting view on the subject. A lot of people I know have managed to fool the IT department by wrongly claiming exemption both HRA and home loan. Although the amount that they save as a result may not be much, I think it is important that such people are punished too. Realistically though, it is nigh impossible for the IT department to catch hold of such actions, simply because the number would be way too high and the authorities focus on the bigger fish. I think it won't be a bad idea to ask employers to do a double check on their employee's record to ensure that employees do not evade taxes. However, I also think a number of taxpayers do this inadvertently and for them, this article will come in handy. - MANISH RAJAN, Chennai

The story on El Nino and its impact (Staring at a Dry Run, July 2014) was both encouraging and disappointing at the same time. As an investor, one must always be ready to pounce on every available opportunity. But it is nevertheless important to understand that if the monsoons are weak, it is likely to affect us in so many ways (increase in prices of essential commodities) that it will be nearly impossible to recover from that through the stock markets. Also, commodities have long been considered the holy grail of retail investing and rightly so. The fluctuations in this market dwarf its counterparts in equities and hence, it is best for retail investors to tread carefully or even stay away from this. The prices are going to rise given the expectations of a weak monsoon and the last thing an investor would want is to lose more money. - MEENAKSHI SHAH, Ahmedabad

The article on the Infosys CEO (Back in Play, July 2014) did a good job at summarising the issues that plague Infosys. I believe that the biggest issue for the new CEO is to address the issue of client loss. Excess cash is another problem that the company has not addressed for quite some time now and going forward, it must put the same to better use. - SOHAM SHARMA, Pune