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Stock analysis is highly complicated and there is no last word on it. However, ordinary investors can do some basic calculations for making more informed decisions.

I am new to the world of equity investments and find articles in your magazine very beneficial. The cover story on current market volatility (Conquering Volatility, 20 September) is a must read for all serious investors. It would be of immense help if you can include articles on technical analysis and financial ratios as a tool for stock picking.

Indrajit Banerjee, Kolkata

Stock analysis is highly complicated and there is no last word on it. However, ordinary investors can do some basic calculations like price to earnings ratio of a company for making more informed decisions. Apart from regular stories on the subject, Dipen Sheth’s regular column on MONEY TODAY portfolios gives an insight into a fund manager’s ways and stock picking tools.

Your mutual fund special issue was very impressive (Best Mutual Funds, 23 August). I want to invest in mutual funds with a long-term perspective. I’m interested in Fidelity Equity and ICICI Indo-Asian fund. Should I invest in them?

Jasminder Singh, Jalandhar

Please check the Mutual Fund Monitor tables in our magazine to choose funds from the top performers in different categories. If you have just begun investing in equities, it would be best to steer clear of new funds and invest only in those which have performed consistently over the long term.

The story on stock market volatility was very comprehensive (Conquering Volatility, 20 September). These days, any adverse national or international news sends the mar -kets into a tizzy. Your tips on benefiting from this uncertain -ty were very practical. It would be great if you also include fortnightly projections of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Akhilesh Kumar Sah, Faizabad

MONEY TODAY believes in the virtues of long-term investing. Hence we avoid forecasting the movements of NSE and BSE as it goes against this principle.

I am unable to locate a few articles on your website. For instance, the story on banking for kids, world wide investing, etc are unavailable on the portal. Please make your website more comprehensive.

Vimal Kumar Jhunjhunwala, Kolkata

We have checked our archives and all articles mentioned by you are there on the portal. If you are unable to access them, please write to us again with the specific problem. The MONEY TODAY website will soon get a complete makeover. Watch out for an all-new portal packed with more features, financial tools, calculators, etc.

I have been investing through SIPs for a year but am unable to understand how their returns are computed. Please send me your SIP return calculator.

Vipul Yadav, e-mail

Returns from SIPs cannot be known in advance as they vary according to market conditions. We are sending you an SIP calculator by e-mail which simulates returns annually. They can be negative or as high as 70-80%. The range of returns in the calculator sent to you is 0-35%. You can change it depending on your expectations from the fund.