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Best Android, iOS apps to enhance your driving experience

Best Android, iOS apps to enhance your driving experience

Access to information is increasingly mobile. Here is a list of some Android and iOS apps to enhance your motoring life.

Access to information is increasingly mobile. Here is a list of some Android and iOS apps to enhance your motoring life.

FuelLog keeps track of fuel consumption, maintenance costs and even running costs, including insurance and taxes. You need enter details of the vehicle and you'll get chart on anything you need to remember (say oil change). The app also calculates useful numbers from mileage to average maintenance expenses. You can export the data as well. Pro version-Rs 135.


Torque is a performance diagnostic tool that communicates with your engine and ECU via a Bluetooth adapter. The app gives detailed information (exportable to Google Earth) about a car's performance. It also provides real-time GPS tracking of engine logs so that you can go back and see what you were doing at any particular time. Pro version available for Rs 250.

It's a simple app that saves the location of where you parked your car. It sports a radartype user interface that shows your car as a red dot on the map. The app features a parking timer, saves notes and photos, and the option to beam your current location to another person via phone or email. Trial version valid for ten tries while the pro version costs Rs 216.

An advanced speedometer, Speedview accesses your phone's built-in GPS and displays useful information. You will find information such as maximum and average speed, total distance travelled and the time it will take to reach your destination on the app's main screen. Data can be exported (GPX format) and saved on data card. The Pro version will cost you Rs 161.

This application ensures you get all the automobile news you want on your phone. This app collects the best and most relevant news from the automobile world. On the app's main screen, you have the option of viewing the latest videos, read the latest news, browse for pictures and list subscribed feeds. It's great for car enthusiasts (over one lakh downloads now).


If you're looking for the best navigation guide, nothing beats Google Maps (and it's free). Together with Street View navigating through cities is a breeze. The app compliments the popular GPS-based map with a 3D view of the area. Street View is easy to use; just open Google Maps and select the Street View option for a 360-degree view of the area.


Scout is a free, fullyloaded GPS app for iPhone users. It covers numerous cities in India and is steadily increasing its footprints. The app provides real-time traffic updates, including information on accidents and maintenance work and tracks average speed and commute time. The app also has an extensive database of petrol pumps, restaurants and ATMs.

IOnRoad lets you convert an Android phone into a driving safety app. The app uses the smartphone's camera, GPS and sensors to detect vehicles in front of your car and warns you if you get too close or exceed a certain speed. It also automatically saves the location of your car when you park and keeps a driving log, including snaps of a perceived risky event.

Siri needs no introduction, not after the popularity 'she' garnered recently. This car companion can read and send e-mail and text messages or place calls without you looking at the phone (and very efficiently and accurately). Google's Voice Action also does a good job of searching your phone and the web using voice commands. It also has a slick interface.


This application is, arguably, the most practical one in this list. Traffic Fines India has updated information about various traffic offences and fines one has to pay. It also has information about the relevant sections of the Motor Vehicle Act for various traffic rule violations. It can even be used offline. At least you can be sure of having paid right for you sins.

Courtesy: Auto Bild India