Tech support, anyone?

Tech support, anyone?

There’s nothing easier than logging on to the people in the know—and the service is almost always free.

We’ve all heard about the travails of the tech support staff, but spare a thought for the person who needs help. Where does he go if he doesn’t understand intricate problems or even the elementary stuff? The Internet, of course. There’s nothing easier than logging on to the people in the know—and the service is almost always free.

Windows Annoyances
How many files have you misplaced because Windows insists on opening C:/ when you want to save a file? Here’s a site that shows how you can set your own default folder.There are several other succinct tips, and if these don’t help, you can always join the forum and have your specific problem answered.

All about Windows
If you’re not a beginner, this is a good site for you.You get tips on how to speed up Vista, how to improve security, even how to customise Windows. But it doesn’t ignore rank beginners; there are illustrated, step-by-step guides that cover everything from navigating the desktop to finding files using the Explorer.

Tech tips
“I knew about a security system for USB drives, but can’t find it. Please help.” In a few hours, there’s an answer to this—with relevant links.That’s the power of online forums and bulletin boards.These two make good starting points and TechSupportGuy is good for beginners.;

Hope for the best
What if you don’t know your iPod from your USB? Computer Hope pages will explain the difference.You can also ask questions at the site’s forum, or have an online chat with an expert. It’s also worth checking this site when you run into a PC problem.

Readymade scripts
This one’s for experts, bloggers and anyone who has online pages. The site has an excellent collection of CGI, Perl, Java and JavaScript (among others) code for common features on Web pages, including mass-mailer software and FTP managers.All you have to do is copy and paste the code on your page and you’re set to go.

Why drivers?
If you’re trying to upload photos from a camera to your hard drive, you’ll know the importance of drivers. Most gadgets come with driver CDs that need to be installed, but what if you don’t have a CD? These sites have a large collection of drivers for devices like motherboards and game controllers.;

For the wireless
Again, this is for techies and for those who know their stuff. If you’ve installed a wireless network at home, you might find the advice on this site invaluable.Apart from trouble-shooting, there are some excellent tutorials available here.

Where’s the dll?
DLL file is basically a support file (DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, if you wanted to know) that’s used by one or more programs. If several parts of a program need to perform the same action, it can be put into a.DLL file. If this file goes missing (as it tends to do), the program will stop working. So what can you do? Well, reinstall the program. Or, easier and cheaper, download the necessary DLL file from here.