Falling Short

Nude Move M isn’t the best portable speaker around.
twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: June 2014
Falling Short

Nude Move M

Price: Rs 4,099

Of late, portable speakers have gained popularity, thanks to the comfort of carrying one small device that offers great sound. The latest one we are putting to the test is the Nude M. This is a square-shaped speaker, which isn't really compact.

The looks resembles the shower speakers selling on the online portals. It has also got a rope on the corner for holding. The case is made up of thick silicone rubber with the metal grille. There is an on/off button, a separate Bluetooth pairing button and volume up/down.

However, there is no button to skip the track. Although it offers Bluetooth connectivity, there is an aux in jack as well. Honestly, the looks are just average but it has got a decent built quality.

However, it isn't water-resistant. Paired easily with smartphone, the sound is good but not great. It isn't loud. it is also light on bass. And it distorts on higher volumes. The sound coming from the palm shaped compact speakers is better than this one. This speaker can also be used as a speakerphone for answering calls. It has got an internal battery.

Ratings: 3.5 /5

Bag it or junk it: It isn't the best portable speaker around.

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