Hard Metal

Amkette Trubeats Metal speaker is for those with multiples mobile devices.
Nandagopal Rajan        Print Edition: November 2013
Amkette Trubeats Metal
Amkette Trubeats Metal

Amkette Trubeats Metal
Price: Rs 2,995
Bag it or junk it: For those with multiple mobile devices
-The Metal has a heavy metal body
-Buttons on the base have all controls
-This top logo could have been call recieve button

It is the metal in the Amkette TruBeats Metal that you will notice first. And for that you don't even have to switch it on. Just hold this heavy paperweight-like speaker in your hand and you will feel the metal weighing heavy on your arms.

This portable wireless speaker from Amkette is not revolutionary in any way. In fact, we have tested at least two similar looking devices. But this one does feel different due to its weight. And we don't mean that in a negative sense, for this weight gives the Metal a sense of seriousness many of its competitors lack.

The full metal drum body has a grille on top and a plastic base. Four tiny buttons on this plastic base let you pair the device, switch songs and even answer a call. Yes, this Bluetooth speaker can also be used as a speakerphone.

An LED band that lights up when you pair the device with a phone or laptop, a good indicator that it is ready to rock. And rock it does. The Metal has a loud full-bodied sound that is a bit beyond its size. The 40mm driver placed inside a magnetically shielded chassis lets it play everything from Luciano Pavarotti to Jagjit Singh. But we felt the speaker vibrates a bit too much, especially when you are playing some times of music.

While you can direct calls to this speaker, the tiny buttons make it a bit difficult to take a call. The device easily give upwards of seven hours on a full charge.

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