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The highlight of the Note phablet is its SPen combined with the software
twitter-logoNidhi Singal | Print Edition: November 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung has added a 16MP camera optics to the Galaxy Note 4, which is impressive in every department.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Price:Rs 58,300

Over the years, Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone might have lost its charm but it is the flagship Note phablet that is attracting the limelight. I still remember reviewing the first Note from the Samsung stable.

While I liked the device, I wasn't sure about the big size and how it will be received in the market. While the first Note was a huge success, Samsung has continued to evolve this tablet further.

With the fourth flagship Note phablet in my hand, here is my experience with this device.

Design: Continuing with its traditional design, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doesn't look refreshing. My review unit in white looked decent though. The 5.7inch display dominated the front and there was a faux leather removable back panel. The rims are made of metal. The SPen hides on the back of the right edge. The power key is on the right edge, with volume controls on the left. While the device grips easily, I found it slightly difficult to operate using a single hand.

Display: With every year's flagship Note device, Samsung is improvising on the display too. Restricting the display to 5.7inches, the company has increased the display resolution, matching the industry standards. Everything on the phone's display appear bright and crisp, making it a delight to watch videos and images. The text too appeared to be crisp and sharp.

SPen: The biggest highlight of the Note phablets is its SPen combined with the software. Just like previous Note, options pop-up automatically as soon as the S-Pen is removed from the back.

The overall experience of using the S Pen while taking notes has been enhanced further. It offers an experience which is very close to writing with a pen and paper. This is simply superb.

Camera: Undoubtedly, one of the best cameras we have on a smartphone in the recent times. Samsung has added a 16MP camera optics to the Galaxy Note 4, which is impressive in every department.

The images captured looked bright and sharp. All the details have been captured neatly. I tried to zoom in an object post capturing an image and was able to get the details. Living up to the selfie culture, Samsung too has added a 3.7MP front facing camera that isn't great in low-light environment.

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