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Review: Philips Air Fryer

Review: Philips Air Fryer

On our wishlist for a long time, the Philips Air Fryer can fry food with 80 per cent less oil in comparison to conventional methods.

Price: Rs 14,995
Specs: Temperature control;Time control; 2.2-litre capacity; 7 kg weight, 1metre cord length.


The AirFryer is a sophisticated cooking appliance-although with just two knobs for controlling temperature and time - but it can be operated even by children. The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to pre-set the temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius for up to 30 minutes. The LED turns from green to red as soon as the desired temperature is achieved. You can open the food compartment while cooking to check and flip the food over if needed.

Philips says its fryer uses patented Rapid Air technology to fry food using only a fraction of the normal amount of oil. The hot air circulates in the compartment and helps cook food placed on the grill. As it only uses air to fry snacks, cook meats and bake cakes, no smoke or smell is generated.

Well, we could fry fresh potato fingers with less than one spoon of oil. The results proved better if the fries are evenly sliced. With other vegetables and cottage cheese, the fryer ensured they retained the juices and tasted good. However, like with conventional and microwave ovens, you will require some time to perfect the cooking time and temperature. But unlike in ovens it is not necessary to preheat the fryer (though we would add it still is a better idea to do so). The device comes with a food separator, in case you want to cook two separate dishes at the same time. The cooking compartment volume, however, is restricted and you can cook only small portions at a time.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Good for oil-free cooking, but health comes at a price.

Courtesy: Gadgets and Gizmos

Published on: Aug 06, 2012, 12:00 AM IST
Posted by: Surajit Dasgupta, Aug 06, 2012, 12:00 AM IST