Viewsonic VSD220 needs a bit of fine-tuning

Viewsonic VSD220 needs a bit of fine-tuning

Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, this touchscreen display is actually an extra-large tablet.

Viewsonic VSD220
Price: Rs 31,999
Rating: 3.5/5
Specs: 22" 1080p display, Android 4.0, OMAP 4 processor, Micro HDMI, USBx3, RJ45 Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

The invasion of the Androids continues. After televisions, it seems like a natural progression for a display to have a processor and an Android operating system inside.

The ViewSonic VSD220 is a 22-inch FullHD display powered by a dual-core ARM-based OMAP 4 processor from Texas Instruments. Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, this touchscreen display is actually an extra-large tablet. You don't need a CPU to run this monitor, and there are no options for doing so if needed. You can push in a micro-SD card, or connect an HDMI or USB device through micro ports. There are two other USB ports on the side. This device is just short of being an all-in-one.

We say short because, like most Android tablets, this device too is under powered. Yes, you can use it to browse the web, download and use apps , but you just cannot do a lot of other things. For instance, it is almost impossible to tap into the Windows platforms, unless you have access to web services. But we could connect to Wi-Fi and use it to do everything we would with a tablet.

The other issue is with the touchscreen, which can be a bit too stubborn at times. In fact, we had to use a wireless mouse. This is when there is just a power button on the device and you have to use the touch screen for all other settings.

Overall, we thought this was a very innovative product that needs a bit of fine tuning. It is a good option for those who need a large screen, but not always for high-end computing.

Needs a bit of fine-tuning

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