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Baron Of The Skies

Baron Of The Skies

Always flying abroad on business? Skip the airport queue and rule the wide blue skies with your very own private jet.


Want to fly away to faraway lands by private jet without bearing the burden of owning one? With the launch of Baron Eagle, India's first global jet card, globe-trotting corporates have been promised all the benefits of having a large fleet of aircraft at just a fraction of the ownership cost. Focussed on the luxury and lifestyle businesses with its headquarters in Mumbai, the company's business division 'Baron Aviation' claims to have the strongest and most experienced teams in India's general aviation industry, besides one of the largest aircraft fleet. The service can be availed through prepaid cards (called the jet card), where a set amount is deposited against a specified number of flying hours. Baron Eagle membership is available in three categories - platinum, gold and silver. So, go ahead and conquer the great blue overhead, without the hassle of management, maintenance and compliance obligations that come along with owning a private jet.


Burn money, not fuel. Electric car promoters hope to entice a few of Orlando's 56 million annual visitors into renting Nissan Leaf cars at the airport, and recharging them at strategically positioned charging stations near tourist hotels and theme parks. According to officials spearheading the green initiative, the Drive Electric Orlando campaign is aimed at encouraging broader adoption of electric vehicles by providing visitors an extended test drive during their stay. The environment-friendly initiative will start with 15 electric cars being made available through the Rent-A-Car enterprise, and establishment of charging stations at 26 hotels across the city.


Want a sneak peek into the Emirates' super-luxury aircraft before splurging over $20,000 on a ticket? To showcase all the creature comforts inside its impressive Airbus A380 jumbo jets, Emirates has partnered with Google to create a street view for the plane - a first for any aircraft. A clever way to show off the extreme luxury reserved for its high-paying passengers (read onboard showers, spa, private suites and high-end entertainment systems), the facility literally walks you through the expanse of the entire aircraft - including its cockpit. So, go ahead and take a Google-eye view of the A380 at


It took Magellan's crew nearly three years, Phileas Fogg and Passepartout did it in 80 days, and now it's your turn to go around the world - in just three weeks. Here's a luxury tour that will take you on your trip of a lifetime, courtesy Australia-based Captain's Choice. Departing from London, the tour - made entirely by chartered jet - would cost around 34,850 and include hotel stays at Rio de Janeiro, Agra, Tahiti and Wolgan Valley, Australia. Feeling adventurous?


Want to disappear for a month, literally? If you found the Cheshire Cat's disappearing act in 'Alice in Wonderland' unnerving, this one will do quite a number on you. The MirrorCube, a distinctive hotel room designed by Tham & Videgard architects in Harads (Sweden), is clad in mirrors that reflect the surroundings and camouflage it in the trees - effectively making it disappear. With the cube-like room rendered almost unnoticeable from certain angles, its designers were initially faced with a peculiar problem - birds kept flying into it. However, covering the walls with an infrared film, invisible to humans but highly visible to our winged friends, solved that issue. This, however, is not the room's only selling point. With a luxurious bedroom, bathroom, lounge, rooftop terrace and windows with the greenest of views, the MirrorCube promises to be the best of getaways. Accommodation for two costs upwards of 4,600 Swedish konors.


In Paris one day, and Tokyo the other? Flying can be quite stressful for business travellers who have to keep making work-related trips to foreign locales. A survey by American Express Global Business Travel looked at ways in which business travellers handle flying-induced stress. Almost three-quarters, or 74% of the respondents, said they drink extra water while flying. Nearly half (48%) said they stretch on the plane and 44% said they use the hotel gym. Despite planes increasingly providing WiFi connectivity, 61% said they look forward to disconnecting from work and either reading a good book or watching a movie (56%) while flying.


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Published on: Nov 07, 2013, 12:00 AM IST
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