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Pritam P Hans

Solving The Riddle

Behind rupee's rise and fall

The currency in your wallet is always on the move. The value of a country's currency is linked with its economic conditions and policies.
  • Rupee's fall against dollar: How it affects you As the rupee continues with its free fall against US dollar - spooking businesses and investors alike - most people are left wondering what it means for them. Here's all you need to know.
  • How rupee fall affects your budget Rupee fall is set to impact prices of everyday items. From essentials such as food and education to foreign vacation and the swanky gadget you plan to buy, the falling rupee will hurt you in more ways than one. So gear up!
  • Riding the rupee stocks Here's how shares in rupee-sensitive sectors are likely to perform.
  • Rupee fall: Exporters face the heat The recent weakening of the rupee has seen cotton exporters scurrying for 'cover' to meet the shipment schedule
  • Why a falling rupee is good for investors A falling rupee is cushioning the impact of the dip in prices of global commodities, especially for investors who placed bets on commodities that are largely imported - crude oil, non-ferrous metals and edible oils.
  • Rupee fall: How NRIs gain It's a great time to be a non-resident Indian if you repatriate money to India or invest in the country. A weakening rupee means more value for every dollar NRIs send home.
  • Currency fall against dollar not unique to India With the exception of the Japanese yen and the arguably undervalued Chinese renminbi, the dollar has appreciated against virtually every currency in the world.
Mutual Fund
Fund manager Huzaifa Husain
AIG India Equity mutual fund has outperformed its category average twice in past four years.
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
Growth Plus Savings
Financial planners suggest tax-saving mutual funds, called Equity-Linked Saving Schemes, best serve the purpose by combining tax benefits with wealth creation using equities.
Devashish Chakravarty
Understand Thyself
Understand which profile suits you through psychometric tests. Map your work values by listing your preferences in descending order or by rating them on a scale on parameters such as creativity, leadership, change, teamwork, social impact, knowledge, respect and so on.
Query Corner
Query Corner
Money Today experts answer all your financial queries - from investing to tax related, insurance or loan related.
Editors Note
The worst may not be over for the rupee given the continued pessimism gripping the domestic economy and the stock market
Talk Back
Money Today readers write back to the editor of the magazine, sharing their valuable feedback.
Smart Spending
Nidhi Singal
Droids On A Budget
Android phones no longer cost exorbitant prices. Here are your options for a budget of under Rs 10,000.
Sowmya Kamath
Attracting Foreign Capital
India has liberalised foreign investment in stock markets. Qualified foreign investors (QFIs) can now invest directly in Indian equities.
  • Now, make more payments via mobiles The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has removed the transaction limit of Rs 50,000 per customer per day on mobile banking transactions.
  • Inner Voices Personal Finance experts on latest trends in the sector.
  • Not the best time to invest in precious metals Gold and silver prices have fallen in the past few months, but they are expected to fall further. Even analysts, who expect prices of these metals to strengthen in the long term, are not very optimistic about the near-term outlook.
  • Sebi's toll-free helpline for investors You can ask for guidance pertaining to status of companies, opening demat accounts and lodging your stock market or company-related complaints.
  • Gold buyers rejoice on hallmark move The government has made it mandatory for all jewellers to get pure gold jewellery hallmarked by assaying centres approved by the Bureau of Indian Standard.
  • Save tax with these infra bonds Looking to save on taxes? Tax-saving infrastructure bonds from L&T Infrastructure, SREI Infrastructure and IDFC have been opened for subscription.
  • Trivia and Telling Figures Interesting facts and numbers from around the world.
  • World Bank warns of troubled times The World Bank has cautioned developing countries of shocks and urged them to prepare for a further downside.
  • Now, pension funds for NRIs The government has cleared a proposal for setting up of a pension and life insurance fund for overseas Indian workers in the Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries.
  • Regulator Watch RBI has allowed trading in two-year and five-year interest rate futures. The futures contracts will be on two-year and five-year notional coupon bearing Indian government securities.

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