Buying A Used Car

Having trouble buying a used car? Fear not, AUTO BILD INDIA brings you a few quick and easy pointers.
     Print Edition: February 2015
Buying a used car

Roti, Kapda aur makaan. Now add gaadi to it. The automotive market in India is growing, slowly but surely. The purchasing power of the people is growing too. So is the demand for vehicles. The used car market is also witnessing a boom. Every one wants to be able to buy a car. There are a large number of people who cannot afford a new car or want to get more at a lesser price. The used car market is the best option for such people.

What all to look out for, what all to avoid, we tell you all that you need to know when purchasing a used car.


Checking the condition of the car is foremost thing to do. Try and take a trustworthy mechanic along when you go out to have a look at the options that you have. Choosing a car that is mechanically sound will help you go a long way after you have bought it. If you cannot arrange for a mechanic then try and keep a look out for the some important things such as checking the engine for any rusting and the overall state in which it is. Also, you should keep an ear out for any abnormal noises coming out from the engine. Look out for wear and tear on all four wheels and the spare wheel as well. It will be prudent if you ensure that all the electricals are in working order, the lights, indicators, tell-tale lamps et al. Also keep an eye out for any dents, scratches or damages to the body of the car. Lastly, do not forget to inspect the interiors and the upholstery of the car for damages and wear and tear.


Whichever car you have chosen, take it for a spin. If the car has any major problems, then it will become pertinent once you drive it around for a while. Look out for the suspension, ride quality, engine noise etc. Also, this is the time to decide whether the car is giving you positive vibes or not or whether this car will suit your needs and requirements or not. Take somebody along while test driving the car. It never hurts to have a second opinion. Moreover, if you miss out on something, chances are that he/she might point it out.


It is difficult, if not impossible to find a used car that has been lovingly maintained. Take your time and look out for such a model. Also, keep in mind that it is better to go for a car from a manufacturer that has a strong dealership network. In the longer run, it is easier to get spare parts and cheaper to get it serviced. Another plus point is that authorised dealerships give you a warranty on certified used cars. Also, try and avoid models for which production has ceased. Buying such a car might create problems with availability of spare parts servicing.


Get the service booklet of the car you want to purchase. This will tell you if the car was serviced at regular intervals. A well-maintained service booklet is tantamount to a wellmaintained car.


So you have done proper research, inspected the car to your satisfaction, took a test drive to see whether all is okay with it or not and have decided that this car will be the one that you purchase. All that is left now is to check for the original documents of the car. These documents include the original registration papers (RC booklet), valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, valid vehicle insurance papers and valid tax tokens. Asking for these ensures that the car is not a stolen vehicle and was in possession of the previous owner.


Now that all things are in order and as per your satisfaction, it is time to finally purchase the car that you had chosen. Be confident while negotiating the price for the car with the dealership. Chances are that the car will be given at nice discounts. Do not stick to just one dealership. Try and visit various dealerships, asking for the price and availability of the car you want to buy.

Keep in mind that if you are getting a discount that sounds too good to be true, then check and double check the car. It is highly probable that the car might have some serious faults or must have been involved in an accident. Avoid such cars at all costs as you might have trouble with it later on.

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