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Apple launches app, website for COVID-19 screening

The app offers an online screening tool, information about the disease caused by coronavirus and guidance from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on testing for coronavirus and emergency care

The #BuildForCOVID19 hackathon will encourage software developers to build tools to tackle health, community and economic challenges arising from coronavirus outbreak.
Last week, Google launched a U.S.-focused website that consists of resources and links focused on COVID-19
WHO joined TikTok late last month and already has over 610.4K followers and 3.7 million likes
Here are top 5 messaging apps that can be used to bridge communication gap and ensure continuity of workflow for the corporate world during the coronavirus outbreak
Zuckerberg clarified, that despite the surge in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp apps, the company's business has been adversely affected due to the pandemic
This initiative of cashless payments for home delivery will help minimise the threat of spreading Coronavirus through currency notes
This new initiative will help institutions conduct their classes online for free, without any limitations on the hours or number of classes
Telecoms providers can take measures to prevent gridlock for as long as necessary but must not block, slow down or prioritise traffic, the EU executive said
The bonus is to pay for those who are working remotely with additional expenses, such as setting up a home office or unexpected child cost