COVID 19: Top virologist clears doubts regarding gap between vaccine doses

Dr Gagandeep Kang, Microbiologist and virologist, India, in an exclusive interview with India Today talks about the most appropriate gap that people should take between the two vaccine doses. Gagandeep also explains whether those who took the vaccine shot in February and March were just as protected as  those who would now take it after a 12-week gap.  On being asked whether those who taken both the vaccine doses (covaxin or covishield) have very less chances of getting hospitalised due to severe Covid-19 illness, she said, "I  think we can say with confidence that vaccines have a very high chance of preventing severe diseases and mortality in people who have taken two doses of Covaxin. As for Covishield, even a single dose of vaccine gives very good protection which is over 70 per cent against severe disease. Watch the video for more details.

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