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Ashish R. Purvankara on the Power of Persistence

Ashish R. Purvankara on the Power of Persistence

Bengaluru-based Puravankara Ltd is one of India’s leading listed real estate companies. Its MD, Ashish Puravankara talks about the best advice he ever received

Ashish Puravankara, MD, Puravankara Ltd. Ashish Puravankara, MD, Puravankara Ltd.

What was the problem you were grappling with? 

In 2006, I was entrusted with setting up Puravankara’s operations in Chennai, kick starting it with three major launches within an aggressive timeline. Chennai was a hotspot for residential real estate and flooded with budding developers. Plus, we had to set up the operations from the ground up and faced multiple challenges associated with approvals, FSI (floor space index), land laws and the like. Also, moving to Chennai was a cultural transition for me, and I was navigating a new space on both personal and professional fronts. I felt a little impatient and was concerned about achieving our project ambitions on time.

Who did you approach for advice?

I turned to my father, my mentor, for guidance.

What was the advice you received? 

His advice was simple yet something I carry with me even today—‘persistence’. He said that even in the face of adversity, one should never feel deterred and always pursue one’s goals. And that perseverance should not be a one-off exercise; it should be a mantra that drives you forward every single day.

How effective was it in resolving the problem? 

My father’s advice was exactly what I needed then. It was one of my first lessons in business. I worked with my teams to ensure that we received all the necessary approvals, no matter how long or tedious the process was. Not only did we meet the stipulated timeline, but we got our Chennai operations to a flying start with a successful project in the very heart of the city. ‘Persistence’ is still something that propels me every day.