Test your credit limit

Got more moolah than you can handle? Five extravagant experiences that border on the audacious
Print Edition: Oct 26, 2014
Spend your surplus moolah in an extravagant way
Test your credit limit

Got more moolah than you can handle? Five extravagant experiences that border on the audacious.

Price $250,000

Skimming through the star-studded expanse of the Milky Way ensconced in a spaceship of luxurious proportions is now a fantasy within your reach, thanks to the enterprising efforts of Richard Branson. It comes, of course, at a price. The two subtorial spacecrafts of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo have plush, roomy interiors, fitted with recliners and a well-stocked mini-bar. The space-immersion experience requires training sessions that demonstrate skills of floating in zero gravity without bumping into co-passengers. Zero what, you ask? Watch some Big Bang Theory.

Price $60,000

Menacing headlights glow as it lets out a low growl and arches its back. Unable to take your eyes of its raw muscle power, you step back and the supercar disappears in a cloud of dust. The Gumball Rally 300 is where the top honchos of the auto world come to show off their metal monsters. What's more, the seven-day road trip from Miami to Ibiza relies on uninhibited partying to soothe your tired limbs after hours of driving.

Price $600 for two

A few hundred dollars shouldn't mean much when you are having the dinner of a lifetime. Kitcho restaurant in Kyoto, helmed by celebrity chef Kunio Tokuoka, serves a culinary extravaganza that is hailed as the most extraordinary (and the most expensive) meal in the world. In here, you will come across the rarest caviar and the most architecturally artful kaiseki dishes amid a gold-gilded environment that brings the Yamato royalty to mind.

Price $60,000 onward

If you have over 100 days to spare this year, consider booking yourself on the Silversea World Cruise. This Titanic-esque mammoth cruise liner, without any associated misfortune, offers an enthralling glide through Spain, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Great Barrier Reef, among others. With an onboard spending credit of $2,500, wine flows freely so long as you don't fall overboard.

Price $67,000 onward

Remember the time you promised the world to your loved one? Well, all's not lost, because you can at least partially fufill it by booking a suite at the Royal Penthouse in Geneva's Hotel President Wilson. Perched on the eighth floor of the hotel, it is spread over 5,500 sq feet and overlooks
the stunning Lake Geneva. As for the experience, it has every creature comfort you can think of - a deluxe fitness centre, a fully stocked bar, even a grand piano.

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