Hyderabad on a platter at Zambar restaurant

The new Hyderabadi menu at Zambar is worth all your money!

Saurav Bhanot        Print Edition: Mar 16, 2014
Double ka meetha
Double ka meetha

Honest confession: I'm a big fan of the food at Zambar. I have loved the food every single time I've eaten there and the restaurant is on my 'often visit' list. I also happen to be one of the first people to have tried the new Hyderabadi menu as this review was scheduled prior to the launch! However, I can assure you that this review shall in no way reflect any bias from my end.

Now that the confessing and the gloating are done, let's get on with the review!

Zambar serves primarily coastal food and I was very curious to know how well they would whip up Hyderabadi fare. There isn't any biryani here but honestly, you won't miss it either!

For appetisers here are aloo ke garlay, shikampuri kebabs and chicken tikka. The kebabs are just the right amount soft and will melt in your mouth like nothing else. I especially liked the chicken tikka for its not-so-punjabi taste. Considering how most restaurants in Delhi are obsessed with punjabifying everything, this was quite a relief! My personal favorite was the vegetarian aloo ke garlay. Yes, I loved it over the non-vegetarian stuff. That's how good it was!

The mains in the menu have achari murgh, Nawabi kofta curry, machli ka salan and the famous mirchi ka salan. If I had to choose one of the four things I least cared for, it'll be the machli ka salan! Not because it was bad but just coz it did not match up to the other three. The achari murgh was surprisingly tasty and left the chicken lover in me extremely delighted. Mirchi ka salan lived up to my massive expectations rather well. I'm not a mutton person but still my most favorite main course dish was hands-down the Nawabi kofta curry. I was simply bowled over!

I had been waiting all along to try out the desserts. You have qubani ka meetha and the iconic double ka meetha to try. I'd say chuck the qubani ka meetha (It is nothing great. I found it overwhelmingly sweet) and devour the double ka meetha instead! It is delicious to the power of three!

So, is this Hyderabadi menu (now a permanent feature in the menu) worth a shot? Even if you're not a Zambar fan like me, go ahead and you won't come out disappointed!

Address: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
Meal for two: Rs. 1,000 (approx) plus taxes
BT More recommends: Nawabi kofta curry, double ka meetha

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