Clever switch

Advertising industry is like a kaleidoscope, where several opportunities exist within the industry.

 I would I would consider R. Sridhar’s career graph as an ideal one for those within the advertising industry.

His approach of questioning his value addition to a client would work with all people in the client servicing industry whether they do it for themselves or their employers. With no specialised degree, R. Sridhar cleverly learnt, utilised and sharpened his skills in communication and relationship management.

In his 25 years of experience at the agency he got holistic exposure to advertising and gained industry knowledge which he can capitalise on in his own consulting outfit and an excellently charted future.

Advertising industry is like a kaleidoscope, several opportunities exist within the industry and one can explore it based on interest and understanding of a field. Before changing a career lane, it is essential do a SWOT analysis and have clarity on one’s strengths and weaknesses. Within the advertising industry, one can fit in to the creatives team, media planning or be a part of client servicing team.

Client servicing gives in-depth knowledge on industry and consumer needs and a transition from ad agency to consultancy makes for a very good career. Opportunities in consulting assignments also exist in media, content writing, visualising, etc.

With radio, Internet and TV in a high growth phase, good skills in any of these can be wellutilised. A person with experience in an ad agency can fit in to sales promotion, events, customer loyalty management, market research, marketing, public relations, corporate communications, CRM, analytics.

By Harveen Singh Bedi, Business Head, Quadrangle