Professional rebirth

Professional rebirth

People across different streams are making bold and successful career shifts. We introduce a series of instructive case studies.

How the times have changed. Gone are the days when after graduation one joined an organisation and spent the rest of the professional career in the same company. Or a pharmacy degree holder ended his career as a pharmacist.


Are you ready for it?
Stuck in a rut and unable to utilise your skills? Lack of growth in your company and the sector? Time to move on.
Evaluate your skills
Create an inventory of your skills and check where and how you can use it. Don’t move just for money. A new job should also add to your skill sets.
Check out financial risk
A career switch is quite akin to starting afresh. Salary may not be on a par with your current packet. Know your financial liabilities.
Get emotional support
Take your family members and close friends into confidence before stepping into untested waters. It’s easier when you have the support of your close ones.
Set short-term career goals
Create a set of short-term goals and then move accordingly. It will help you measure your growth and prevent you from going off-course.

These days rarely are eyebrows raised when we find engineers who quit their jobs to become scriptwriters or graduates in history heading the quality control division of an information technology major. Job security no longer tops a modern professional’s career outlook. The new catch phrase is to follow your vision and dreams. And this may lead to switching jobs. In some cases it might lead to a complete change in one’s career profile. Discovering and following one’s calling in life is driving many to seek new roles at work places.

The reasons for looking at change could be personal and financial. You may discover a hidden talent that you want to cultivate. You may get a promotion sooner than you thought you would and need to advance your career timeline. A career change can alter your life too. It is like starting all over again with a strong possibility of straying from the path you had set for yourself. In many cases a change in career adds to one’s skill sets.

Having a diversified resume may be just as important as having a diversified financial portfolio. In today’s world it is important to have skills that can be used across sectors. In most cases a career change or even a job hop adds to your skills. From this issue we start a new series on people who have changed careers, and made a success out of it. The focus would be on issues behind choosing new careers and how they leveraged their career assets to make a mark in a different profession.