Larger but not all that new

Samsung Note 3 is a bit of a surprise as for a change this Galaxy phone does not feel plasticky.
twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: November 2013
Galaxy Note 3 is just larger, not all that new

Samsung Note 3
Price: Rs 47,500

Samsung Note 3 is a bit of a surprise as for a change this Galaxy phone does not feel plasticky. The Note 3 has a back cover lined with premium leather giving the phone a elite feel without making it heavier. The edges continue to feel like fake metal, but still this is a better Galaxy as far as build quality is concerned.

Despite the 5.7-inch screen, the Note 3 is light at 168 grams. But at 79.2 mm width the phablet is a bit too broad to hold for longer durations. The Full HD AMOLED screen is a stunner, producing vivid and sharp images. Except for 0.2 inches of extra real estate in the same form factor, Samsung hasn't done anything different. The S-Pen groove is below.

The battery on the Note 3 delivers extremely competent performance, given the size of the screen and the sheer power of the processor inside. It will last you at least a day on a full charge. However, it did heat up a couple of times during the testing.

The user interface of the 13MP camera is similar to the Galaxy camera. There are interesting features like the Eraser that can save the best picture after removing moving objects from five consecutive images. The images captured using the Note 3 are impressive, rich in detail and with minimum noise. In HDR, most images appeared slightly better.


The Note 3 available in India has a 1.9GHz quad-core + 1.3GHz quad core processor. Although there wasn't any lag in the performance, it scored 19786 points in the Standard Benchmark test. The Note 3 is bundled with a generous 3GB of RAM. Thus power hungry applications like AutoCAD and intense games like Shadow Gun and Asphalt racing perform brilliantly.

Bag it or junk it:
Go for it if you can handle such a big phablet

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