Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung has Samsung Gear Fit launched three wearable gadgets, of which the Gear Fit is one.
twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: July 2014
Samsung Gear Fit
Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung has not just come up with a next version of the Gear smartwatch. It has launched three wearable gadgets, of which the Gear Fit is one.

Unlike other fitness bands that are sleek and slim, the Fit comes with a 1.65 inch curved AM OLED display, which looks great. This makes it slightly thick and gives the feel of a watch.

Due to the curved screen, it wraps around the wrist easily. Samsung has used plastic and rubber to design the Fit that makes it look good. But then, it does come at a premium cost.

The Gear Fit can't be used as an individual fitness band and needs to be paired with a smartphone. Samsung has restricted the Fit to a few Samsung Android smartphones only.

One has to download Gear Fit Manager from the Samsung Store that initiates the pairing. The user interface of the Fit is intuitive as one has to swipe left and right to access various features. The touch response is good.

The basic functionality form of the Fit is to act as a smartwatch and even a fitness device. When paired with a phone, the Fit notifies the user about incoming calls, messages, emails, etc. The Fit tracks physical activity and counts steps in real time. It also syncs data with the S Health app.

It comes with every activity tracker one would want. It can measure heart rate, quantify your workouts whatever you might be doing - walking, running on cycling.

Price: Rs 11,500

Verdict: A great-looking fitness band but comes at a steep price.


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