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65 Gifts For The Festive Season

65 Gifts For The Festive Season

In the festive period between Diwali and New Year, you can bring joy in the lives of people by giving them some fabulous gadgets as gifts. From a confusion of electronics available in the market, we have listed the best of them.

UP TO Rs 5,000


PRICE: Rs 4,490
Affordable and feature-packed memory capturer? Yes, the Sony DSC 3000 S can be a great gift. Along with a 10.1 MP sensor and 4x digital zoom, it has other features such as face detection, smile detection, sweep panorama, image stabilisation and intelligent auto mode. What better way than to freeze the moments of joy during this festive period.

Pics: Gadgets to gift this festive season


PRICE: Rs 1,299
Most touch products today come with capacitive displays that require the use of fingers. But for those who think fingers should only be used for insulting gestures, here is an alternative. Griffin has a stylus that is fitted with an omni-directional rubber tip. It can, therefore, be used from the top and sides for typing, sketching, tapping and even playing games.


PRICE: Rs 4,699
The rush hour and a traffic jam can be pleasurable. Yes, that's a gift you can give to a harried commuter-a car handsfree speaker can be stressbuster on the road. Of the plenty available in the market, the one from BlackBerry is the best for its loud and clear sound output. The Visor Mount V65 is compatible with most phones, including Nokia and Samsung devices.


PRICE: Rs 699
This flashlight is not only ecofriendly, but it also has the novelty of being run on ordinary aqua. No, we bluff not. The pack has two water chargeable batteries.

Fill the batteries once to the brim and the flashlight works for close to five hours.

In case clean water is not available, the batteries can be filled with other liquids such as colas, saliva, even dirty water.


PRICE: Rs 1,999
The Portronics Green Lock locks and unlocks the computer screen as soon as you move away from it, protecting the data from getting stolen or from spying eyes. And what is more, you need not key in the password every time to unlock the display. You just plug the lock into a USB port and the 2.4 GHz radio technology of the device takes over the job of notebook watchman.


PRICE: Rs 3,699
This has to be the perfect gift for a Windows 7 user. The new Touch Mouse has gesture controls for its operations. So, using one, two or three fingers, you can handle tasks without having to move to the keyboard. For instance, a jiggle of the fingers can help you view all the open windows or to switch panes to to the desktop.


PRICE: Rs 1,249
This one's for your dearly beloved lazybones. And once they start using it, they will either hate you or enter your name in their wills. The Dumbbell alarm clock will not only wake them but also force them to work out. Once the alarm goes off, it doesn't stop buzzing until 30 reps of bicep curls have been completed. Weighing a mere 0.4 kg, the dumbbell really won't add to your muscle tone, but the stylish design of the clock will definitely earn you a smile.


PRICE: Rs 456
A USB hub that can increase the number of USB ports available for connecting various gadgets- now that is smart. Belkin's Premium 4-port travel hub is compact and looks pretty. The pebble-shaped device with two ports on each side can connect to an iPod, camera, data card or any other USB device.


PRICE: Rs 3,500
Health freaks will love this. After all they finally have something with which they can rid their handsets of microbes.

The Violight phone sanitiser is a dock with a cover that uses ultraviolet rays to ensure that the phone is 99 per cent germ free.

No sneezes at festival time!


Trudeau Wine Thermometer
Red should be chilled, or is it white? Make confusion history with this Trudeau wine thermometer, which clips onto the bottle to let you know when the wine is at the optimum serving temperature. It also has information on it that helps you remember the correct temperatures at which to serve your Pinot Noir., $19.53

Desk Robot
Okay, this one isn't really a tech valet, but it makes your desk look cool. The Desk Robot lamp comes with adjustable body, head, arms and legs. Once you have him standing, you can make him hold pencils or notes with his clip hands., $21.49

Schylling RC Giant Spider
This remote-control, battery-operated arachnid creeps around the room in a realistic manner. With articulated, crawling legs for life-like movement and eyes that light up an eerie red, you can be sure of a few screams when this unfriendly, neighbourhood spidey is around., $30.58

Withing BP monitor & app
Let the iPhone measure your blood pressure using the Withing monitor. The blood pressure cuff connects with any iOS device through the charging jack and the application keeps a record of all reading to help you monitor your blood pressure in a given period., $129

Boogie Board LCD writing pad
We all love doodling. Now you can sketch all you want without wasting ink or paper on the Boogie Board. Unlike tablets, the BB's screen is not powered. It responds to pressure applied to it and retains any writing on it till you reset the screen using the small watch battery.,  33.95 pound sterling

Grocery List Organiser
No more scratching heads between the aisles in the supermarket? Let the SmartShopper Grocery list organiser help you. Its voice recognition records everything you say. Just take out a print before shopping., $149.59

Trace Me Luggage Tracker
37 million pieces of luggage worldwide get misplaced every year. You can avoid hassles by getting the Trace Me Luggage Tracker. It is a durable tag that securely fastens to your suitcase and sports a unique serial number and barcode. The information is registered at When you and your baggage get divorced, the airport people can access details and inform you.,
12.99 pound sterling

Video Sunglasses
Why lug a camcorder or an MP3 player to the beach when a simple shades will do? Yes, this Video Sunglasses house a 1.3 megapixel pinhole video camera as well as an MP3 player and 2GB of flash memory to shoot 1.5 hours of quality footage. You not only listen to music but also capture the action when you water-ski in the choppy sea.,
99.99 pound sterling


PRICE: Rs 990
Hey, keep up with the times. Forget Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Amkette FlashLink is a small, sleek pen drive lookalike that connects two PC via the USB ports. It can be used for not only transferring, sharing and syncing CD/DVD drive but also to share an Internet connection and files between two PCs. It is a nifty operator, with a data transfer speed of 20 MB per second.


PRICE: Rs 4,200
This is a gift you can give and then take advantage of as you sit together and spend quality time. Samsung's C550 DVD player has the ability to upscale regular DVDs to 1080p Full HD resolution. Also, the Defect Disc Recovery Solution automatically takes care of scratches or smudges to play uninterrupted content.


PRICE: Rs 2,999
Keep your cool literally with this portable mini refrigerator. This novelty from Vox has a storage capacity of four litres and one adjustable shelf. It has controls such as hot/cold and on/off and indicators (red for warming, green for cooling). It makes for a great picnic conversation piece.


PRICE: Rs 1,999
The Griffin Hands-Free connects to the car audio system via the auxiliary point. This is a simple wire with 3.5 mm pins on both the ends. The one that goes into the car auxiliary point has a microphone for answering calls. The device can also play music from the phone using the car's speakers.


PRICE: Rs 1,195
A laptop cooling pad can be among the best tech gifts you can think of. Dipped in white, and suitable for any notebook, the Logitech Pad it is powered by a USB port on the laptop. It operates silently while keeping both the laptop and your lap cool. It also serves as a platform on which to place the machine on your lap.


PRICE: Rs 4,999
The travails of parenthood-not being able to reach your child in time of need-can be history with the SatGuide Child Phone. This is a compact phone without a display that can be used for tracking the location of children without their knowledge. Also, in emergency, the kids can send a message with the SOS option. It works like a normal phone and can answer any incoming call but will allow the kids to call only four predefined numbers registered on the phone (as chosen by the parents).

Rs 5,001-Rs 10,000


PRICE: Rs 9,990
Probably the most useful Android phone in this price bracket, the LG Optimus One comes armed with the Gingerbread version of the operating system. It scores over many others of its ilk with its capacitive touch display, 3 MP camera, 600 MHz processor along with LG App Advisor and 40 preloaded apps. Have phone, will talk and enjoy-that's what this one's all about.


PRICE: Rs 9,990
With the launch of the Kinect, Microsoft changed the way console gaming used to be. With the help of gestures and motion sensing technology, the Kinect brought a lot of physical activity into console gaming. Just plug in the Kinect to an XBox to frolic physically. There is also XBox Live, an online gaming community, which has a comprehensive portfolio of games, best online multiplayer experience along with apps portfolio including Facebook and Twitter Access.


PRICE: Rs 7,990
All Bluetooth headsets look alike. But the Stone 2 from Jabra is a stylish looking, comma shaped headset with a textured finish. There is a pebble-shaped dock that makes it comfortable to carry around and is also handy for a recharge. It has a quick charge feature where a 20-minute charging powers it for 10 hours.


PRICE: Rs 8,100
This is a must-buy for a music lovers. The Bose AE2 has a lightweight, comfortable design with improved ear cushions that doesn't hurt even when worn for hours. The ear cups can be folded flat for storing. Compatible with almost all gadgets available in the market, this headphone can also be used on the lineup of Apple products.


PRICE: Rs 7,200
A portable hard drive plus a pen drive plus a 3D interface plus a great looking device. What more could you want from a gift? The Hitachi Mobile Life Studio Plus 500 GB hard disk sits in the cradle and can be connected with a 4 GB pen drive (for syncing files to hard disc). Its smart transfer rate of 31 MB per second is complemented by a 3D interface developed by Cooliris.


PRICE: Rs 6,499
Carry your scanner wherever you go without taking up all the passenger space. Portronics Scanny 3 is great for those who need to scan important papers on the move. Portable enough to carry around in a laptop bag, it can scan an A4 sheet quickly, while Bluetooth connectivity allows instant transfer of content to a phone or a laptop.


PRICE: Rs 7,499
Built around the Starcraft theme, this special edition gaming keyboard has elevated keys that offers better feedback and response. It records macro movements which can be executed at a press of a button. A perfect present for a avid gamers.


PRICE: Rs 8,996
A bicycle that folds up for storing-now would that bring a gleam in the eyes of the recipient? Unlike regular bicycles, the BSA Foldman is a lightweight and compact machine. The rust-proof alloy frame makes it look good. It has effective front and rear brakes, while its other highlights are an adjustable handle stem and a 6-speed Shimano gear system.

PRICE: Rs 8,850
While creating a perfect ambience for an evening get-together, this Philips wine cooler maintains the perfect temperature for wines and champagne. Shining through the glass body of the cooler, the coloured lighting adds to the festivity. It is an ideal gift for those who like hosting cocktail evenings.


USB Webmail Notifier
You can't keep running to you computer for every email that lands in the inbox. The USB Webmail Notifier is a small USB connected device that informs you about incoming and unread mail. It sports three soft colour illumination: red, green and blue., $10.99

Philips Air Fryer
Banish calories with this innovative cooking machine. The Philips Air Fryer cooks by blowing air on to the heating element. No oil needed for deep "frying". When health is a concern, the Air Fryer is welcome., 128.77 pounds

Anti-sleep Beep
This has been specially designed considering that people often feel asleep in the middle of an important conversation, meeting or even while driving. Fits on the top of the ear, it turns on when the head nods in a sleepy position.

PRICE: Rs 9,400
After TVs, LED technology has made its way to the computer monitor as well. This 22-inch LED monitor has a super-slim frame and a contrast ration of 1000:1. The screen's aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it best for watching hi-definition movies. Unlike LED TVs, however, it isn't priced on the higher side.

Rs 10,001-Rs 20,000

LG BD 670

PRICE: Rs 16,990
This 3D Blu-Ray player from LG with the LG remote application allows access to video on demand using a smartphone. It also has Full HD upscaling feature that enhances the image quality of images plus a Wi-Fi direct for accessing content from a laptop without employing any wires.


PRICE: Rs 19,990
The latest BlackBerry in town has slimmed down a lot and now sports a glossy finish. Girls or guys, all will love this smartphone. And it also has the best-in-class features such as the latest operating system, BB OS 7, along with an 800 MHz processor.


PRICE: Rs 12,000
As the name suggests, the Go Pure Car Air Purifier is designed specially for cars. It absorbs the air particles, viruses, gases, bacteria and fine particles within the car and purifies the air in the cabin. It has dark purple, light purple and blue LED lights to indicate polluted, clean and very clean air.


PRICE: Rs 19,999
The USP of this camcorder is its size. It is so tiny that you wonder where the rest of the machine is. The largish battery at the back does not make it bulky either. The specification sheet talks about the 78x digital zoom but even the 10x optical zoom is good for shooting videos. While it has an 80 GB hard drive on board, it also support a memory card.


PRICE: Rs 13,999
D-Link's Boxee Box brings a great multimedia experience to television. This box can be connected to the Internet by a wired or a wireless connection and to a TV using an HDMI cable. It can be used for playing movies, videos, songs, and photos from the computer and a home network on the TV set.

G&G reader RAJESH TAJANPURE of Nashik has sent us four ideas that make for neat gifts. He doesn't vouch for the durability of the gizmos but thinks they will be good fun.

Pen recorder 4-1
This Camera Pen incorporates a hidden digital video camera with a mini microphone that is hyper-sensitive and can record sound from up to 15 ft away. It has a memory of 16 GB. The pen also works like a normal pen and writes well too. or Lamington Road, Mumbai, Rs 1,000

Waterproof HD Camera Watch
Since water and electronics normally don't mix, you won't arouse suspicions. Submersible up to 3 metres, the HD camera watch comes with 8 GB internal flash memory for plenty of 720P video recording. Connect the watch to your PC or laptop with the USB link., Rs 5,000

Remote Control watch
This is a men's watch that doubles up as a TV remote. It is easy to program for use with a TV from a distance of 2.5 m. It also has all other functions of a watch. and Lamington Road, Mumbai, Rs 1,000

LED T-shirt
Nothing like a shirt all lit up like a Diwali decoration to celebrate the festive season. This cotton apparel responds to music volume via a special panel (removable during washes) and lights up multicoloured LED bulbs on the t-shirt, making you a living disco., Rs 1,500


PRICE: Rs 13,500 FOR 8GB
We don't need to give reasons for including this under tech gifts, do we? The new iPods have just reached the shelves and will have the iOS 5 on board. Offering the best sound and a perfect display for enjoying multimedia content, it will also work with apple's iCloud. FaceTime, HD video recording, game centre and apps make the iPod touch much more than just a music player.


PRICE: Rs 19,999
This is an all-in-one PC from HP that can be the best gift for students or elders who are scared of using computers. The 18.5-inch display has a customised operating system and an intuitive touch interface.It can be used for web browsing, email, watching hi-def movies, or even for paying bills using the Pay Bills app.


PRICE: Rs 15,000
Massage chairs are priced exorbitantly. Gift the Osim uRelax that turns any chair into a massage chair. It offers different massage options-full back massage, Shiatsu, swing, rolling-and also has a heat mode option. This eases backache, muscles fatigue and improves blood circulation. Each massage session lasts 15 minutes. The uRelax comes with a car charger that can turns a car into a movable spa.


PRICE: Rs 12,999
Tablets are the rage these days. A cheap but great gift would be the Reliance 3G Tablet. It operates on the Android OS and is surprisingly smooth. The 7-inch display size ensures it is easy to carry around and the super fast 3G speed on the Reliance network means that you can stay connected to the Internet at all times.


PRICE: Rs 14,135
Ideal for first time buyers, the Celestron Power Seeker 127 is a good combination of portable yet powerful telescope to explore the night sky. It has an easy-to-assemble German Equatorial mount and slow motion controls for smooth tracking. The 3x Barlow lens triples the magnifying power of each eyepiece.

Rs 20,001-Rs 50,000


PRICE: Rs 21,000
Recently, Asus launched a hi-fi USB digital-to-analog converter and headphone amplifier. The Xonar Essence One upgrades digital music stored on the computer into clear and detailed life-like sounds. It also has a special technology to prevent noise, almost professional headphone amp and eleven operational amplifiers.


PRICE: Rs 32,990
The Acer Iconia 500 was a fine tablet. And so is its upgrade, the 501E. The beautiful grey-steel machien has a smooth touch interface and runs on Android Honeycomb 3.2. A It packs in a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, 10.1-inch display size and 3G connectivity. And importantly, it sports a USB port and microSD port, which no other tablets do.


PRICE: Rs 30,000
Undisputedly the best non-Apple smartphone in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is super fast. Its sleek but its big. Your loved ones will bless you every time they use this phone for email, photography, browsing, gaming or for testing out applications. With over 10 million Galaxy S2 sold worldwide within a six months of release, do we need to say anything more?


PRICE: Rs 21,500
This mini projector from Portronics is one of the smallest, cord-free projectors available in the market. Operating on Windows CE 5.0, it can be used for playing videos, images, PDFs, PowerPoint files, etc. It has 30 lumens of brightness, a 1.5 W speaker and 2 GB internal storage (with support for up to 16 GB expandable memory). It projects for up to 80 minutes on a single charge, while its LED lamp has a claimed life of 20,000 hours.


PRICE: Rs 29,500
The iPad has become a synonym for a tablet, so trendsetting is this device from Apple. You can sure of whoops of delight if you decide to gift this to a loved one. The iPad is also arguably the best tablet in terms of user interface and accessibility to apps. There are different variants to choose from: Wi-Fi, 3G and different storage capacities.

PRICE: Rs 49,990
This 3D-ready 5.1 channel surround sound system makes a fabulous gift. Meant for big rooms and halls, it has tall speakers along with a 1000 W sub woofer. The Blu-ray player and the Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming content makes it a complete entertainment device.

SONY 32EX 520

PRICE: Rs 47,900
Why gift someone an LCD when you can afford an LED? And what better than the latest from Sony-the 32-inch EDGE LED flat panel with full HD display resolution? With 20 W sound output, 2 USB ports, 4HDMI ports, the EX 520 employs the XReality picture engine to render content in rich, vibrant colours.


PRICE: Rs 29,990
DSLRs may be bulky to lug around. So feature-rich, premium compact cameras can be great substitutes. The one from Panasonic has good build quality, is eminently portable and boasts a 10.1 MP sensor. Capable of capturing videos at 720p resolution, it can capture images in JPEG and RAW formats.


PRICE: Rs 45,690
This sexy looking machine from HP is one that packs in a lot. With the Intel Core i3 processor 2.1GHz buzzing inside and aided by a 4GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive, the DV6 notebook is a complete machine. With its AMD 6490M graphics card, 15.6-inch display and great sound output, it is not only a good business machine but also an entertainer.


PRICE: Rs 39,950
Affordable yet offering features that could do pricier cameras proud, the Nikon D5100 has earned a lot of admirers since its launch this year. It comes with a swivel display to aid photography from difficult angles. It is also the first DSLR to offer inbuilt special effects filters for shooting both videos and stills. Its 16.2 MP sensor and 1080p video recording make it a good gadget from most proam shooters.

Rs 50,001 & ABOVE


PRICE: Rs 73,900
The latest MacBook Air is a perfect blend of style and brains. With a unibody design, it weighs in at 1.35 kg and still manages to contain within its slim self every feature that other laptops have. These include two USB ports, one Thunderbolt port and an SD card reader. With Apple's latest OS x Lion onboard, it is a computer monster with 1.7 GHz dual core Intel i5 processor in combination with 4 GB RAM.

LG LW 6500 3D TV

PRICE: Rs 99,990
3D TVs were supposedly the next big thing in the flat panel space but the limited 3D content and high price of the 3D glasses came in the way of their popularity. The LG LW 6500 is capable of changing 2D content into 3D feed without compromising much on the quality. The 42-inch LED also come with four lightweight 3D glasses based on passive shutter technology.


PRICE: Rs 60,295
Coming from Canon, this DSLR has the sensor and image processor that manages to capture action at 5.3fps. The 18.0 megapixel CMOS sensor, shutter speed range of 1/8000 sec and in camera post processing makes it stand out as one of the best out there.


PRICE: Rs 1,01,138
This speaker system from Bose offers a full spectrum of rich, lifelike sound using the two standing speakers. It is designed to produce a balanced stereo sound over a wide area and is durable enough to last years. There is also an active equaliser for smooth and clear audio.


PRICE: Rs 59,990
With Sony HDR PJ50, you not only capture your beautiful moment live, but also watch them on a big screen with help of the inbuilt projector. The high contrast projector can throw up image 60 inches in size from a distance of just 3 metres. It also has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Now how more festive can be festivals with this camera-cum-projector?

Courtesy: Gadgets and Gizmos