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Nokia 808 PureView: The best smartphone to gift your loved ones this Diwali

Nokia 808 PureView: The best smartphone to gift your loved ones this Diwali

With so many devices and gizmos out there, it's a cinch that there is one that suits any particular need. Gadgets & Gizmos helps list some cool gadgets that would make for great gifts this Diwali.

With so many devices and gizmos out there, it's a cinch that there is one that suits any particular need. So all you got to do is to think of the person to whom you want to present a festival goodie and a gadget will materialise in your thought balloon.

However, to prod the grey cells, we have here a list of some cool gadgets that would make for great gifts.

Nokia 808PureView
Rs 31,999

Forget about compact cameras with interchangeable lens and consider the Nokia 808PureView. This is a camera phone that has a 41MP sensor that captures superb images.

While the default images can be captured at 5MP, or 8MP in the PureView mode, you can capture images with a 36MP sensor as well. The images obtained at 36MP are so crisp and clear that you can easily zoom into the image without losing clarity or sharpness.


Raaisin Anti-Slip Pad for Car Dashboard
Rs 245 onwards
Should your cell phone lie on the seat or on the dashboard or in the glove compartment when you are driving? If you know someone who struggles to answer this, then an anti-slip pad for the dashboard makes a good gift. These have a strong adhesive that helps them stick to the car dashboard. The non-toxic and eco-friendly pad doesn't let your phone slip. Shocks and shakes are not good enough to dislodge this pad.

Philips Fidelio Dock for Android
Rs 5,999
There are numerous docks for the iPhone and iPod, but not many for Android smartphones. Philips Fidelio Dock is a smart Bluetooth dock for Android music lovers. This good-looking dock works over Bluetooth using the free Fidelio App available on the Google Play store. It also has an adjustable universal jack that can be used for plugging the device to charge.

CapeDase USB Car Charger Pico
Rs 450
This is a must-buy for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. The CapeDase USB Car Charger is compact and has a USB port. The device's USB cable makes this charger compatible with all devices that can be charged using 5V power input. There is also an LED indicator onboard.

Xpal Spare One Emergency Phone
$69 + $15 (shipping)
Some gadgets aren't for daily use, but they are heroes during emergencies. XPal's Spare One is one such emergency phone that will surely prove handy when your phone's battery dies on you when you need it the most. The Spare One doesn't have a display but you can dial for help using its numeric keypad. The phone is powered by an AA battery that can store charge for up to 15 years. When used regularly, it can give around 10 hours of talktime. It also has a micro-SIM adapter.

Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2
Rs 8,888
The Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 successfully gels beauty with quality performance. This singleear headset offers a perfect fit and can be worn continuously for many hours. But while buying one make sure which ear you want to use it on, the left or the right. Another highlight of the headset is its killer A2DP sound quality.

Price on request
The biggest challenge iPhone users face is transferring data using iTunes. But a small accessory like the iFlashdrive can put such woes to an end. The iFlashdrive looks like a pen drive with a regular USB port at one end and the iPhone connector on the other. Available in capacities of 8GB onwards, the iFlashdrive works with the help of the app. You can store data on the iFlashdrive first and then transfer it to the iPhone.

Micro SIM adapter
Rs 150 onward
Some of the new smartphones support regular SIMs, while many support micro-SIMs. In case you know someone who regularly changes phones, consider gifting him or her a micro-SIM adapter. This is a small piece of plastic that conveniently holds the microSIM for inserting it into a regular SIM slot or just for storage.