Essential gadgets for your road trip

A long drive loaded with loved ones and favourite gadgets

Analyze This
Had one too many at the party? Well, ideally you should not drive. But then if you think that you are still within the legal limits, let this little gadget confirm it for you before the cops. This alcohol tester has two-unit measure of alcohol levels which is displayed on an LCD screen with sound alerts.
Price: 1,149

Marware Sportfolio Deluxe
This sleek, sporty case protects your MacBook while providing space for accessories like power adapters, extra battery, iPod and so on. The zipper lining protects against scratches, while there is headphone access and a pocket for the MacBook Pro's remote.
Price: 5,950

Camera tip
If on the road with a camera, make sure you are carrying an extra battery which is fully charged. In case you can't or don't have an extra one, use the flash only when absolutely necessary. And, switching off the camera after a shot helps.

TomTom Via120
A perfect road trip is one where you explore unknown locations. But driving blindly can be stupid. The Tom Tom Via 120 navigator can let you explore places you could have never thought of. The extensive maps onboard offer landmark based navigation that will ensure you don't miss even a single spot on the drive.
Price: 17,000

Osim uRelax
Usually, long drives are fun, but the muscles starts aching after sitting cramped for lengthy durations. It makes sense to have the Osim uRelax car seat massager that comes with a car charger. It easily fits in the car seat while relieving the aches and strains from the back and shoulders.

USB Cup Warmer
Craving for a hot cup of coffee or tea, but find no dhaba or hotel around? Carry a USB cup warmer that connects to a PC using the USB port. Place a metal cup with the tea/coffee premix and the Cup Warmer will do the rest of the job for you.
Price: 700 onwards

Free; iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
Using a cellphone while driving isn't a good option. Get this smart app that will read out your text and emails as soon as they arrive in the inbox. Easy to set up, it doesn't involve a long process and can also read shorthand words like lol and brb. The free version does not support all features, but the paid version does.

Free; Universal
Exploring unknown roads and cities is fun. But do keep an app like Getit handy as it will help you get local information, businesses and services around. It auto detects the current location and even offers interactive maps with directions. With a single click, you can even tap and call the numbers listed.

Sygic & MapmyIndia
$49.99; Universal
Stuck with Google Maps? What if you don't have Internet connectivity on the way? Get MapmyIndia that offers extensive voice guided GPS navigation for many cities and towns across India. It has numerous point of interests, 3D cities and landscape information and is very accurate.

Car Care
Free; iOS
This app will give you tips and tricks on how to keep your car in perfect shape. Available in the from of an ebook for mobile, it tells you how to save on fuel costs, air conditioning or heating, service and repair costs, etc.
BlackBerry PlayBook
No doubt the iPad is the best tablet around, but the price reduction of the PlayBook makes it a good buy in itself. A compact, sturdy piece of hardware, the PlayBook has a bright 7-inch display. With the PlayBook 2.0 upgrade, it can be used as an individual Wi-Fi tablet as it now has support for email clients and a few selected Android apps.
Price: 13,500 for 16GB

Philips GoPure Car Air Purifier
Long drives can be a spoiler if there is a stink in the car. Keep the Philips GoPure handy as it not only removes foul odours but also most of the fine particulate matter such as microbes, bacteria, virus, dust, pollen and even human and pet hair.
Price: Rs 12,000

Olive V-R9
Got multiple gadgets which need to survive on a single data card? Well, plug in the data card to the Olive V-R 9 router and instantly get a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. The router comes with an inbuilt battery that can last for up to four hours on a single charge.
Price: 2,999

Sony Xplod XAV series
In tune with the times, Sony's latest Xplod XAV series of in-car entertainment systems offers enhanced iPod/iPhone control, USB connectivity options, multi-channel surround sound and more. The new Passenger App Control allows users to connect an iPod or iPhone via USB to see their favourite TV shows, movies, and compatible applications onscreen. The XAV-63 and XAV-64BT are already available in the market.
Price: 19,990 onwards