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Take a look at Apps for iPhones

Take a look at Apps for iPhones

All the specs touted by the phones might make great reading, but they would all come to nought without the applications to ensure a good user experience.

All the specs touted by the phones might make great reading, but they would all come to nought without the applications to ensure a good user experience.

Rebtel (Free)
By Rebtel; (+Android, BlackBerry)
Travelling abroad? Instal Rebtel to make cheap international calls over VoIP. Instal, register number on Rebtel and you are ready to go. As soon as you key in the international number, the app will generate a customised local number for the same and connect over a Wi-Fi network. One can check the reduced calling rates on the Rebtel website.

Camera Awesome

(Free); By SmugMug
iPhone's camera is undoubtedly the best, but if you believe in manually changing the settings, instal Camera Awesome. This app launches the camera, but at the same time offers various options such as image stabilisation, slow bust, fast bust, interval, timer, tap expose, tap focus, etc. There is also an option to enable automatic post processing that contains a number of options. Used for both stills and videos, users can also upload the captured content directly on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Photobucket, etc.

Mood Finger Scan (Free)
By Indigo Penguin Limited
This is a fun app that claims to read your mood with a finger scan. Launch the application, and place your thumb on it. Once the app is done with the scanning, it asks you to repeat the words that appear on the display. After this process, it tells you how your mood is. Use it to make a friend confess his love or spill a secret based on how the app gauges the mood. Worried, sad, happy or in love, the app can catch their mood in seconds. Even if not true, a good laugh is guaranteed.

Scan Page (Free)


This must be one of the weirdest Apps around. iDIED, From microseconds computer consulting, lists 400 weird, strange and downright stupid ways in which people have died. Just don't be inspired.

By Ricoh Innovations
Unlike other scanning applications, this one doesn't put just camera to use. After capturing the image, it allows users to select the document area they wish to scan and gives an option of auto-clean up. The autoclean up converts the captured image to look like a scanned one. Images can either be saved on the device or exported via email, Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs. A must-have app.

Plantronics Instant meeting ($4.99)
By Plantronics
Instal this application and let it handle all your conference calls, their dial-in codes and times. The app automatically looks for the conference call schedule and alerts users. With a single touch, it automatically detects the phone number, dial in pin and connects the call. Time for the hassle free conference calling experience.

TataSky Mobile(Free)
By Tata Sky; (+Android)
If you are a TataSky user, you should definitely instal this app on your phone. Using this app you can check a four-day programme listing or even read detailed movie reviews. There is a remote record feature that allows you to schedule a recording of your favourite show using a DVR set-up box. With the MP3 mobile accessory change channels and control volume.

Gadgets & Gizmos ($0.99 / issue)
BY India Today
Yours truly, India Today Gadgets & Gizmos, is now available for download from Apple App Store. The app downloads to the Newsstand from where one can read the magazine on the go. While it is free to download, you will have to subscribe to the issues you wish to read. You can choose between single edition, three months, six months or annual subscriptions. Even old editions are listed. Each issue can be purchased for $0.99.

USB Disk (Free)
By Imesart
You cannot connect a USB to the iPhone/iPod. But you can download this USB Disk application that lets you store and view documents in the app's inbuilt document viewer. Adding files to this is as easy as dragging files from iTunes and dropping them to the app. You can continue using the document where you left it in your last visit.

8. TED (Free)
By TED Conferences
Technology, Entertainment and Design is what TED comprises. So the app deals with "ideas worth spreading". It features new and popular videos covering various powerful and interesting topics. Apart from the featured ones, users can also search for topics under All Talks tab using tags, themes and ratings.

PayTM (Free)
By PayTM Mobile Solutions
Instantly recharge your prepaid connection on almost all Indian operators like BSNL, MTNL , Idea and Airtel using this third-party app. The app supports both credit cards and debit cards of Visa and Mastercard, and you don't have to key in details every time. Just click a photo of the card using phone's camera and the details are automatically filled in the app.

Samsung Remote
; Samsung Electronics
Apple and Samsung might be busy with their patent wars, but Samsung has acknowledged the fact that the homes where its Smart TVs are installed do have iDevices as well. So if both are connected to the same access point, the iDevice with this application will automatically turn into a full remote. There is also a keyboard for typing.

DMD Panorama ($1.99)
By Dermandar
Put your iPhone 4/4S to capture great panorama shots using this app. Just hold the phone in portrait mode and pan it towards left or right to initiate the process. Once done, hit the finish button and the app will automatically stitch the shot and be ready with a panorama to be viewed or shared.

FotoPedia Heritage (Free)
By Fotonauts Inc.
Those who love to travel and discover places will love this app. Developed in association with UNESCO World Heritage Centre, this app gives access to a huge collection of worldclass photos from various landmarks across the world. It shows the most popular heritage places in the world but using your current location, you can also learn about the heritage places nearby. For instance, when used in Delhi, it showed Qutb Minar on the map and also had information about the place.

Chandamama (Free)
By Chandamama India Limited
Remember Chandamama, the favourite publication for generations of kids? You can continue to read the fables and mythological tales that made Chandamama popular, but on an app. The app lets you subscribe to issues in English and most Indian languages. One can opt for monthly or annual subscriptions.

F1 live (Free)
By Divum
F1 lovers should instal this free app to keep connected to your favourite sport. The app provides the F1 calendar along with detailed information about all drivers and teams. The live coverage includes commentary, results and standings that starts from Friday's practice session and extend till race day.

Compiled by Nandagopal Rajan and Nidhi Singal

Courtesy: Gadgets and Gizmos