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Hinge CEO Justin McLeod on benefits of online dating

Hinge CEO Justin McLeod on benefits of online dating

Justin McLeod, CEO of Hinge, on the benefits of online dating.

Justin McLeod, CEO of Hinge, on the benefits of online dating -

  1. SIMPLE SIGNUP: Socially-driven apps such as Hinge and Tinder are perfect for young professionals, who are more comfortable with digital interactions. Setting up a profile is a quick process and there's no need to fill out a lengthy profile or answer nebulous questions. Most apps directly link to your Facebook account, making your profile ready for potential daters to check out. This way interested people get to check out a bite-sized version of your personality without writing you off as not their type.
  2. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: The value of online dating lies in the curation it undergoes. Instead of having to wade through a sea of random profiles until you get lucky and find that elusive perfect someone, it can bring what you want to see. It exclusively shows you people in your extended social circles that you're likely to be interested in. Moreover, it actively filters out the bad matches - people you have nothing in common with.
  3. CONVERSATION STARTER: Much of modern communication dies on the brink of uncertainty because you decide that it's too much trouble to make that call. Get out of your comfort zone and don't wait to initiate a chat once you've matched. Momentum for great connections has to come from somewhere, but don't prolong an e-interaction prior to a date because you might lose steam. Ensure a few common interests and set up a date.
  4. KEEP IT REAL: Romance doesn't follow the same rules as a science experiment or a video game. Social network-based apps are a quick and easy way to meet new people through real friends. Thanks to a greater familiarity with navigating the virtual space than the real one, you could hit it off with a potential love interest. But try not to give in to the urge of laying it thick, it's just pompous.
  5. EXPECT RESULTS: You've been waiting for that date that a friend keeps promising to set up but neither of you has the time to sort out the dynamics. Here, because the interaction is largely controlled by you, you can monitor every casual chat and decide when to put an end to it based on your gut feelings. Moreover, responses are generally quicker and easier to follow up on online.


Published on: Jun 04, 2015, 10:37 AM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, Jun 04, 2015, 10:37 AM IST