How to avoid being fat due to corporate lifetsyle

How to avoid being fat due to corporate lifetsyle

Corporate lifestyle starting to show on your waistline? It doesn't have to.

Eat sensibly
Beware of that extra morsel. Curb your appetite by starting your meal with a glass of water or a bowl of corn. Do not skip meals, it only results in overeating later.

Party soft

While corporate dinners enhance business networking, they also stretch your waistline because you are likely to binge on the free food. Have a low-calorie snack before landing there, so you consume less.

Watch your calories

Try switching to low-fat alternatives. Opt for low-fat milk and low-cream cheese, and use olive or canola oil for cooking. If you feel like a snack, go for an apple.

Stretch those legs

While a regular workout routine may be tough, try to steal some time in between to walk. If you aren't too late for work, take the stairs. On weekends, forsake your siesta for a trip to the gym.